Steve Lesnard: The Power of Social Mediums

Steve Lesnard is today considered to be one of the most sought-after talents in the marketing industry, his work with some of the largest brands in the world has allowed him to formulate and test some of the newly emerging digital and social mediums. Steve Lesnard states that although companies have multiple options to choose from, it’s wise also to understand how to utilize the medium properly. A company that adds a clear benefit to their product is always going to be the top brand, says Steve Lesnard. Recently, Steve was able to provide us with his two principles of marketing that can help any company succeed within these new social mediums.

”Keep it simple to make it memorable”.

Steve Lesanrd states that the most important thing a company can do in a marketing sense is to outline and articulate the benefit of your product to your consumers. Walt Disney once said that the most important thing is to get the story right and that strategy has not changed. Although the initial advice sounds simple enough, Lesnard does warn companies that this is not as easy as it sounds. Although your marketing team might be presenting you with the best avenues of communication, sometimes the best thing to do is simply to pick a lane.

“Bring it to life to make it real.”

Once you are clear about the story that your brand wants to convey, it is now time to move onto developing the consumer experience. This second principle begins by asking yourself a series of questions that pertain to your product such as “How does it look on me?” or “How do I use this product?”. The experience can be conveyed in great detail through the use of short videos. A great example of this was seen from the established outdoor company “YETI.” YETI does a great job at presenting their products to their consumers in a way that not only will show them the benefits but share with them the experience they may get from it. This is done through various outdoor ambassadors that use and film themselves using the products during their outdoor adventures.

Matthew Fleeger-Financial Manager, Business Administrator, and CEO Of Gulf Coast Western Company

Matthew Fleeger is the current chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. This is a company that deals with gas reserves and domestic oil in the Gulf Coast region. Gulf Coast western is also known as joint ventures since it holds general partnerships and managing a venture of gas and oil. The organization through its leaders have managed to combine resources, industry expertise, experience, and talent in order to explore, acquire and develop domestic gas and oil. Matthew Fleeger went to Southern Methodist University, Cox school of business and he acquired a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After he was done with his education, he immediately began getting attached to oil and gas companies where he improved his proficiency in marketing and finance. He has thereby worked effectively and efficiently and he gained himself a good level of experience that he is now very competitive in the industry.

An international business professional listed in the international who’s who, Matthew Fleeger has pushed the company forward greatly. He is recognized as the highest experienced and expertise in waste management, oil and gas and also in tanning industries. He is also well known for his competence in contract negotiation, team building, entrepreneurial abilities and also strategic planning.

On before he began working in the oil and gas company, he was the founder of Med solutions. This is a company that specializes in disposal, treatment, and transportation of waste products from healthcare companies. He worked there as the chief executive officer and also as the president for atleast13 years. It’s after Med Solutions developed well and was successfully stable enough that Matthew Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle. This is a company known as the leader in the industry of waste management.

Similarly, Matthew Fleeger was a very successful entrepreneur in the tanning industry. He helped two companies Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan in raising their revenues incredibly. The combined revenue for the two companies was approximately 100 million dollars. Palm beach tan was developed from a small six-store operation and grew into one of the largest tanning organization in the country. Mystic, on the other hand, was helped to grow into one of the largest sprays on tanning in the world.

Academy of Art University Workshop: Entry Level Position in the Film Industry

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929. The university is based in San Francisco, California. While there are other universities similar to Academy of Art University, it is the largest school of its kind. The university offers a wide variety of art related program of studies. Bachelor and master degree programs, as well as short term programs, are offered. The online programs of study are available for students who may not be able to attend on campus grounds.

The Academy of Art University offers programs such as Motion Pictures and Television as well as Writing for Film, Television, and Digital Media. Script coverage is an entry-level position for any film student. The students from the university received a course by Randy Levinson. As a Motion Picture and Television Associate Director himself, Mr. Levinson provided the students with a lesson about how to effectively take on the role for Script Coverage.

According to Mr. Levinson, script coverage is very beneficial for a producer, director, writer as well as for other roles that contribute to the making of a film. Because there are many scripts that come across a filmmaker’s desk, they are assigned to script readers. The roles of the script readers are to summarize and provide a breakdown of the script in a script coverage format. Once this process is completed, then the filmmakers are able to swiftly make a decision on the script being presented.

Not only does script coverage provide convenience for filmmakers, but it also provides convenience for potential actors and actresses. Because of the summation of a script that is being presented, actors and actresses are able to understand the potential role being placed before them without having to read the entire body of work.

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Vijay Eswaran, an Experienced Entrepreneur and Author

Vijay Eswaran is the acts as the founder and overall chair of QI Group companies. He is a Malaysian and involves himself in charity works as well as acting as an author. QI Group companies is a global company that operates in network marketing, education among other activities. Vijay Eswaran owns a degree in economics whereby he raised his finances by getting involved in part-time working while studying. He worked in America for some years and later moved to Asia at the wake of 90s.started. On 1998 Vijay Eswaran started network marketing which expanded first to become a multinational venture. Vijay Eswaran through his networked has mentored many powerful entrepreneurs around the globe in the past two decades. Vijay Eswaran interests in uplifting entrepreneurs made him to start Vijayaratnam, a foundation that works with the marginalized groups in Asia and other continents. He is an established author and a great speaker in many areas. He started Quest International University found in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran has been awarded in several occasions like 18th Education Summit hosted in Malaysia. People of Indiana Origin also recognized him as leader in business strategies globally. The are other areas where has been recognized and awarded like CEO business award among others.

Vijay Eswaran idea of starting QI Group was inspired by QNET. He went for presentations about direct selling in order to determine how fruitful it was. After several presentations for some period the theory impressed him. His interests in multi-level marketing have roots in university. After presenting network advertisement he got a thought that it could work well if implemented. He later implemented the direct marketing environment practically and worked it out. As an economist he saw a business opportunity in direct selling. He spends his days anywhere in the world. He says some days begins with his smart phone while other are full of silence. He tries to wake up and cool off so that he may not end up running all the day. Without his control he says the day may control him since it involves endless and continuous activities pilling up.


The Formidable Career Life Of Tim Ioannides And His Rise To Success


Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology and has been serving as the Managing Director of the firm for the past 15 years. The company works from various locations throughout the country, mainly focusing on proactive measures on medical administration.


He obtained his degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine and an internship at the University of Florida. He is a board member of various committees such as the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Mohs Surgery.


Apart from his business ventures, Tim Ioannides is compassionate in giving back to the community by extending donations to charitable organizations. He is also a Dermatologic voluntary Professor, educating students on related surgeries in the University of Miami.


When asked about where the idea of establishing his company came from, he narrated his employment at the cosmetic surgery shop. After his residency, he enrolled on a job as a dermatologist on a clinic owned by a plastic surgeon. It is during this time that he noticed that the surgeon specialized in the cosmetic part of the operation rather than the medical side.


This created an opportunity for him as he was not mainly focused on administering cosmetic surgery to patients but quality medical care to people with skin disorders. Ioannides occasionally performed cosmetic operations to acquire finance to stabilize the business.


In most cases, people tend to forget the impact of generating new ideas, but for Tim Ioannides, he regards new plans as part of the growth of the business. Therefore, he works to make the company the best place to work in by frequently training his staff on upcoming methods of treatment. Visit This Page for additional information.


Tim also practices unique ways of administration in his treatment. He makes sure that he diagnoses his patients as well as building their relationship by frequent visits. He is eager to learn new ways of treatment especially skin cancer. This enhances substantial growth of the firm and a way of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service.


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How Boraie Development is Transforming New Brunswick with Classy Apartments

New Brunswick area is known to host people who have a lavish lifestyle. As a result, real estate agents have decided to develop the area by building classy rental apartments which suit the needs of the people. This was attributed to the New Brunswick area becoming a stylish residence. Aspire Apartments is one of those classy apartments found in this area. The apartments have been developed by the Boraie Development LLC. Included in the apartments is a good-looking studio, which rents out for 1650 dollars.

The units rented out at Aspire Apartments are affordable considering the fact that one reaps numerous advantages of staying in one of these classy units. The apartments are divided into two categories. One of them is the one bedroom units that rent out for 1800 per month and two bedroomed units which are mostly offered to individuals with large families. They get to have a balcony and a private terrace. The other advantage of living in Aspire Apartments is the fact that the apartments are located near the train station. This is of great help to people who would like to go to Manhattan and Philadelphia.

The proximity of the apartments to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, a medical school known as the Rutgers Medical School and a university known as the Rutgers University makes the apartments to be in high demand. The good news is that there are around 238 rental units available for all the interested tenants. The tenants of these apartments enjoy the services of a doorman and also the services of an onsite man who manages the apartments 24 hours a day. The inside of the apartments has some breath-taking features. Some of these features include a gourmet kitchen. This type of kitchen is fit cabinets, glass tiles, and stainless steel kitchen appliances. The owners of these apartments get to enjoy lavish bathrooms and also access to high-speed internet.

During winter there is no need to worry about the extreme cold since the units have a modern heating system. Boraie Development, LLC is a company which offers a wide range of services which are centered on the area of urban real estate. Some of the services that they offer include developing of Real Estates, management of the property and also sales and marketing. The staff of the company is devoted to coming up with outstanding properties and at the same time providing excellent services to their customers.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Self-Made Success Story


Since his early days at the prestigious Renmin University of China, Richard Liu Qiangdong had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. In fact, he spent most of his student time doing freelance coding work to hone his computer programming skills. He began pursuing his passion at a health product company; Japan Life, from where he garnered multiple growth opportunities.


However, Richard Liu Qiangdong was not content. The urge to follow his entrepreneurial calling was so intense that it led to the opening of “Jingdong” in Beijing, a retail setting, selling magneto-optical products. The shop, which opened in 1998 played a significant role in the provision of exemplary customer service. Competition did not deter Richard Liu Qiangdong’s drive because, by 2003, he had opened another 12 stores.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a business mogul who was very quick to maximize on the shift of the e-commerce trends. The moves always gained him trust and loyalty from his customers. As many businesses struggled to garner profitable outcomes, Richard Liu enjoyed continuous business growth and expansion.


The burgeoning venture eventually gave birth to an online company; 360Buy Jingdong, leading to the closure of the brick and mortar stores. The online venture aimed to tap into the changing habits of potential customers. A majority of them were embracing online shopping. This is the sole reason Richard Liu Qiangdong spent all his resources on providing a proprietary shopping platform.


Liu’s ability to adapt to a new marketplace quickly resulted in business relationships with other vendors. The new platform seemed promising, and it brought forth long-term partnerships; thanks to its high-quality goods. Before long it was renamed is the leading e-commerce company in China with over 100 million active shoppers. Richard Liu who is the CEO is reportedly worth $12 billion US dollars. He is, however, involved in the company’s everyday operations and is very keen on business forecasting. Qiangdong continues to utilize cutting edge technology, which he says is the platform of the growing global economic environment.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a true entrepreneurial genius and recognizes the power in of broadening his horizons.


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Sharon Prince And Carrie Mae Weems Partnership To Expand Grace Farms


Sharon Prince is the Chair and President of a privately owned company, Grace Farms Foundation established in 2009 and based in New Canaan, Connecticut. Sharon studied Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Tulsa and later pursued an MBA at the same university in Collins College of Business. Before working at Grace Farms Foundation, she held the position of President at 66° North between 2003 and 2008.


Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.


About Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince Grace Farms works to ensure there are equal opportunities in art, nature and the community while contributing to the delivery of justice and faith among individuals. It involves all groups of people to participate in discussions around the company motives. Since it’s founded, Grace Farms has received multiple awards due to its work such as AIA National Architect Award, CISCA and Engineering News-Record.


Carrie Mae Weems Joins the Grace Farms Foundation

Carrie Mae Weems is among the most influential individuals in the society through her capability in balancing between motherhood and her career. Recently, Sharon Prince Grace Farms welcomed her to the company to provide change to the society. In her recent work at the company, Weems has offered space to consider injustice, inequality, and race through her skills and artistic abilities.


Weems uses her talent to deliver the message through images, texts, and verbal communication hence taking us through our dark past. As the technique seem daunting and unachievable, she leaves an opportunity for hope which aim at proving change to such behaviors. During a recent article released by the New York Times, Weems seems positive and hopeful that there is always a chance for change which enables us to bring equity, justice and prevent violence. Grace Farm’s goal is to avoid the trafficking of human and animals; hence Weems work aligns well with the company as they both present room for change to specific cruel ways. Refer to This Article for related information.


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E-commerce has revolutionized the manner in which people do business worldwide. The e-commerce sector has brought about more convenience for the consumers thus allowing them to carry out purchases at any time they want regardless of the time and the location. It has also brought about more opportunities for retailers. Nevertheless, the main challenges have come about in areas such as sustainability.


In recent years, people have been trying to find a solution that would enable companies to practice environmental sustainability. Since the world population is increasing, there has been a rise in the purchases being carried out on a daily basis. Companies such as, which is also known by many as Jingdong; believe that retailers should strive to ensure that the global consumption of various goods and services becomes more sustainable. The e-commerce sector is growing on a daily basis. With a high growth rate, the challenges are also set to increase. has also come up with affiliates such as the JD Foundation. By working together, together with the JD Foundation are trying to come up with more innovative plans that will enhance sustainability. By observing the JD Foundation closely, you can gain a better understanding of how effective the company’s sustainable strategies are especially when it comes to the e-commerce sector.


In an article with WSJ, “Chinese Retailer Turning Its Logistics Network Into Broader Delivery Service”, Jingdong talked about new package-delivery service will compete with private express carriers in a crowded market in China for parcel transportation. This marks the next step in leveraging the nationwide logistics network that JD has built over the past decade.


The main challenge is getting rid of excessive waste during the extended delivery process. As for, the online retailer offers their clients an opportunity to return the boxes for recycling and reusing. This is possible since Jingdong is working together with its partner retailers and delivery agents. The boxes being used by are made up of biodegradable materials.


The use of such materials plays a major role in ensuring that the waste within the environment is reduced. Other factors such as reducing the tape used to seal the boxes is also of great importance when advocating for sustainability. As for Jingdong, the company has saved over 100 million meters of tape in the last two years. Companies can also cut on waste by ensuring that the invoices, receipts, and order sheets are digitized. also makes use of vehicles that do not have a high emission rate. Read This Article for additional information.


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Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

Gino Pozzo and the football club

Gino Pozzo is a passionate footballer and owner of a great football club. He developed his love for football since his childhood. Gino Pozzo’s father loved football, and when he got enough profit, he decided to buy Udinese club in 1986. The family has therefore been regarded as the lovers of football. This is the same family he was born and raised all his youthful years. Also, he was related to the president of Udinese club through his mother.

He went to the states to pursue his master’s degree from Harvard University before marrying a Catalan. He then migrated to Spain and lived there for 20 years. He later immigrated to London together with his wifeand the three children. He came to be more directly involved in the operation of the football club. He wanted to manage the newly acquired football club at Vicarage Road.

Pizzo and the Watford club

Gino Pizzo’s family purchased the club after struggling to climb the ladder in the fourth division. They last won in the 1980s. Gino, therefore, moved his family to London so that he could manage the club closely. He was focused on the long term success of the club despite the challenges. He placed the Watford club on top of his agenda.

He has, therefore, managed the club to the current position it is now. He is the only family that owned football clubs in three countries at the same time. This has earned him an excellent reputation in the region. He later sold the club once it became top on the fourth division and decided to concentrate on the club in Udinese. He, therefore, manages this club and anticipates for better performance.