Everything You Need to Know About Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer attended Michigan University and graduated with a medical degree from the institution’s School of Medicine. After graduating, Dr. Sameer attended his residency at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. Since graduating, Dr. Sameer has been in active practice for a period ranging between (11-20) years.

Plastic Surgery Dr. Sameer’s primary area of specialty. Dr. Sameer will be of help if you need the service of a surgeon to carry out skin tissue replacement or repair. Besides, he can perform the repair and replacement of bones and other tissues. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has the expertise to carry out reconstructive surgery on the hands and can also perform craniofacial surgery (reconstructive surgery on the face). The doctor’s subspecialty area is General Plastic Surgery; thus he can handle various types of plastic surgery. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is board certified and accepts several types of medical insurance.

Before settling on a particular doctor, it is crucial to review the doctor’s patients’ experience. Conducting the review will help you gauge the experience you will be likely to receive. Information obtained from these reviews also indicates a doctor’s mastery and experience in his or her field, while also highlighting the level of professionalism. These reviews also contain ratings that are intended to be pointers of medical quality.

A doctor’s review from a patient reflects on factors such as good communication, the clarity of instructions, attention to the patient’s concerns and etcetera. A look at Dr. Sameer Jejurikar ratings from numerous online sources is “very positive” meaning that he is committed to offering quality medical services, with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has affiliations with the Pine Creek Medical Center Dallas, TX and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Dallas, TX. To contact him use these details; Suite 600, 9101 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX, 75231, (214) 827-2814.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick; Giving Back To The Community


After being founded in 2005, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a personal injury claims law firm that has dedicated itself to helping the people of Ohio to avoid being taken advantage of by insurance companies. The law firm’s personal slogan is “Hurt in a car… call KNR”.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick have up to 11 office locations throughout the state of Ohio and pride themselves, and their 30 other lawyers and 100 support staff members, in being just as dedicated with cases involving small matters as they are with cases involving large matters. Throughout the firm’s history, it has recovered $450 million in settlements for the more than 10,000 clients they have served.

This much lauded law firm, has many associations with prestigious organizations such as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Super Lawyers. KNR have also the been cited as the Top 100 Lawyers in Ohio.

Their greatest strength during these cases is that a majority of their team is made up of members who were once employed by the insurance companies that Kisling, Nestico & Redick oppose. As a result of the firm’s employment choices, their lawyers know firsthand how the insurance companies work, meaning that they know what actions their legal opponents are most likely to make.

A major factor in Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s mission was due to Managing Partner Rob Nestico’s own past experience with an insurance company taking advantage of the fact that his parents were Italian immigrants who did not understand English very well when he was injured when he was younger. At 15 years old, Nestico was the passenger in a car that was in a traffic accident when a second driver failed to brake at a stop sign. The insurance company pressured Nestico’s parents into a hasty settlement after their son spent three months in the hospital for the multiple injuries he had sustained. As a result, Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s goal is to help other families who find themselves in similar situations.

Beyond its success in the courtroom, Kisling, Nestico & Redick helps the people of Ohio in other ways. The law firm has raised over $300,000 through fundraisers to give back to the community that they are a part of, as well as work to make driving on the highway safer for everyone. See Related Link to learn more.


View the firm’s reviews on https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Kisling,-Nestico-&-Redick/reviews


Dan Bethelmy- Rada: What Is R.A.W Product?


The realization that many individuals thirst for natural products which are sustainable and biodegradable inspires Dan Bethelmy-Rada to invest in their formulation. The natural products tend to be cost-effective and help maintain a friendly environment as they are recyclable. The application of a total committing approach help realizes the dream of providing 100% pure natural products. R.A.W products adhere to the rules of safeguarding nature.

R.A.W formulation, manufacturing, and packaging is very friendly, and this reduces risk to the employee. The ingredients for these products include Seaweeds and natural resources from plants as well as minerals, this to help prioritize on the naturalness of products. Despite a few constraints, the R.A.W products realize the ambitious goals. Dan Bethelmy Rada utilizes skills on how to minimize costs and maximize profits without compromising the quality of products.

The research and Innovation and Operation conducts a series of test on R.A.W to approve its pureness so as not to market a product that has some chemicals. The tests help the manufacturers to maintain all criteria of natural products to avoid poor verification during the testing. The R.A.W products are highly effective as the supply sources tend to be sustainable, traceable and fair. View More Information Here.

According to Dan Bethelmy -Rada, the manufacturing of natural products requires considerable investment to ensure that customers get products at the right time. The maintenance of a smooth flow of supply requires the firm adapts to a flexible schedule where they can set back manufacturing of the product in case of delay in resources. The R.A.W product matches L’Oreal Paris standards in terms of capillary performance results which attracts more consumers.

Team dedication is significant to find resources and launch products within the timeline. Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal states how social media platforms especially the Instagram help reach out to the consumers. They launch educative programs regarding their sustainable and natural products to communicate with consumers. The online feedback from consumers provide for ease of communication and producing products to satisfy their needs. The online way of communication help pursues global market goals. The global markets appraise R.A.W products and increase its market value.


Visit his page on http://danbethelmy-rada.com/

Steve Ritchie And His Plans For Papa Johns


Steve Ritchie has been working at Papa Johns for about 22 years now. He has had the opportunity to develop his skills through various roles held at Papa Johns over the years. He started as a customer service representative back in 1996 and is the current president and CEO of Papa Johns. This is the 3rd largest pizza company in the world. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s believes in hard work. This fact is proven by his work ethic ever since joining Papa Johns. His becoming the CEO of Papa Johns was not by chance. It is part of the company’s planned growth and expansion internationally.

Steve Ritchie is now a member of the board at Papa Johns International Inc. The board is now made up of nine members in total. A special committee was formed in September to evaluate strategic company options. Papa Johns would be working with BofA Merrill Lynch and Lazard as financial advisors. There is expected growth and development with the new board taking over under the leadership of Papa Johns president Steve Ritchie.

Starboard Value LP has an agreement to invest 200 million dollars into Papa Johns. An extra investment of 50 million dollars will be advanced in March. The investment will come in the form of Papa Johns’ preferred Series B stock. An additional preferred stock worth up to 50 million dollars is available for Starboard to buy in March. Half of this investment will be used in the repayment of debt while the other half will be going towards strengthening the company’s strategic priorities. These priorities are made up of five specific areas that Papa Johns aims at improving.

Steve Richie Papa Johns feels that the results from the last financial quarter were disappointing. He firmly believes that Papa Johns has greater potential, especially with its newly formed partnerships. His idea is to steer the company towards investing in areas that customers would like improved. He intends to inspire a sense of togetherness by raising the quality of Papa Johns’ brand.

Papa Johns recently launched a handcrafted pizza called Philly Cheesesteak. It is part of the new found growth and expansion under the leadership of Steve Ritchie. Steve is also asking that all the employees get diversity training so they can improve customer service delivery. Refer to This Article for related information.


More about Steve Richie PapaJohns: https://people.equilar.com/bio/steve-ritchie-papa-john-s/salary/711829

New York City’s Victoria Doramus Turns Her Focus To Volunteer Work

Victoria Doramus spent the first several years of her career in the media industry. She became a consumer trends expert who developed advertising and branding efforts. Her specialties including spotting trends in fashion and design She now lives in New York City where she is a recovery expert and spends a large part of her time volunteering at not-for-profits.

She has considerable experience identifying new trends and then researching and documenting them. Victoria Doramus would then develop new marketing strategies for the companies she worked for, such as Trendera, and help come up with creative problem-solving solutions. She now uses her skills to help nonprofits and those who depend on them. Her goal is to make New York City and the world a better place.

After graduating from college she entered the world of media and communications. The roles that Victoria Doramus has filled include networking, creating content, analyzing markets, and developing innovative ad campaigns. Her practical skills include creating budgets, recruiting, project management, and doing market research.

One of the ways that she has helped nonprofits in New York City is by using her planning and assistant background. She was once the personal assistant of Peter Berg who is a TV and film director in New York City. Victoria Doramus managed his property, the supplies in his house, his domestic employees, and his professional relationships with building management and contractors.

She has also been a writer including for some major New York City publications. Victoria Doramus has written on many subjects such as lifestyle, branding, marketing, and the arts. She has writing credits on many articles that appear on Trendcentral. Other publications her writing appears in are The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and USA Today. She has also extensively ghostwritten and her writing in this way has appeared in “Decades: A Century of Fashion” and “Menu Dating: Taste-Test Your way to the Main Course” among others. See This Article for more information.

She has volunteered for many charities in New York City. As a recovery expert, Victoria Doramus has volunteered for The Amy Winehouse Foundation. Other favorite charities of hers include Room To Read and Best Friends Animal Society.


Check Out Her Page On: https://www.instagram.com/victoria_doramus/?hl=en

KNR Lobbies For A Food Stable Ohio

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a successful law firm in Ohio. Gary Kisling, Robert Redick, and Rob Nestico cofounded the injury firm in 2005. KNR has 30 attorneys and 100-250 employees and 11 locations in Ohio. The firm represents injured clients in court. Kisling, Nestico & Redick derives their expertise from first-hand experience and industry knowledge.


KNR is known for the refrain, “Hurt in a car…call KNR. ” Kisling Nestico & Redick aims at helping accident victims claim deserved compensation. The firm is driven by Mr. Nestico’s experience with large insurance companies. Rob had suffered multiple losses in an accident he had gotten involved in when he was only 15. The insurance company took advantage of the fact that his parents were non-English speakers hence an unfair settlement. He resorted to fight for the rights of such disadvantaged families as his in dealing with insurance companies.


KNR involvement

KNR has a welfare unit referred to as KNR Cares for Kids. The initiative provides for Ohio kids’ welfare helping them realize their full potential. Food insecurity is critical in Ohio, with 20% of the population being in the grey area. The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank President and CEO, Dan Flowers, noted that KNR would help feed close to 100,000 individuals in the area. He acknowledged the help of Portage Lakes Polar Bear Club among other teams in realizing their goal, food security.


Through Kisling Nestico & Redick, the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Club is able to raise approximately $109,000 annually in support of several local organizations. The Polar Bear Jump had about 800 participants last year. The jump was initiated by Portage Lakes Polar Bear Club members to engage in the fun while supporting charity.


The food drive is scheduled for Saturday 23rd February 2019 at 2 pm, in Akron, in 5031 Manchester Road. The KNR website provides more information on the plunge. Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is a community-based organization that works towards a hunger-free Ohio. The Foodbank offers emergency food aid for about 500 pantries. Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank facilitates the provision of 24.5 million meals to its food security partners. Well-wishers can contribute to the initiative by visiting akroncantonfoodbank.org. See Related Link for more information.


More about KNR on https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Kisling-Nestico-and-Redick-EI_IE1019698.11,37.htm


Yanni Blog


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As assistant head coach to the Harvard Men’s basketball team, Yanni Hufnagel lead the team to it’s first ever NCAA victory during the Men’s Basketball Championship known as March Madness. Now, with that feat under his belt, the coach has made the decision to relocate his skills and expertise to Vanderbilt University.


For Yanni, the decision was easy. He claims Vanderbilt has the academic height of Harvard as well as being in a tough conference such as the SEC. Yanni appreciates how much the SEC has given players to the NBA as it is one of the toughest conferences in the NCAA.


Yanni’s other teams that he has served as coach for include Nevada and California. His acumen in basketball is demonstrated through the unique connection he has with the players. He is considered one of the top recruiters in college basketball.


As an assistant with Oklahoma, Yanni has been credited as helping shape NBA great Blake Griffin. Attending Penn State, Yanni transferred to Cornell University where he earned a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2006. At the University of Oklahoma, he acquired his graduate degree. In the interim, he performed a summer internship with the New Jersey Nets.


For the Maccabiah Games, Hufnagel was appointed the coach of the Team USA Youth, but declined the role due his position with Vanderbilt. He is known for building tremendous relationships with other coaches and players and strives to be the best he can be with the resources available. His belief that if a person tries hard enough they can accomplish anything is evident in his consistent success as a coach within multiple programs.


Yanni Hufnagel has proven that a good coach is a mentor and leader as well as one who builds connections with the players that go beyond the court.


Richard Liu Qiangdong Outlines How JD.com Was Created


Richard Liu is a highly successful business man in China. Liu Qiangdong as he is otherwise known, is the founder, chairman and CEO of the biggest company retailer in the country known as JD.com. This company has climbed to top on the list of Chinese companies with the highest market value. In a recent interview at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Mr. Liu revealed that the company is currently worth over $60 billion, making it the number four largest company in China. His focus is to take this company to the number one position, a dream he has harbored since the day he opened the offices of JD.com.


Richard Liu was born in China and attended college in China. However, from a young age, he developed interests in setting up a business. His parents owned a small transport company although it was not performing very well. He was inspired to do something that would uplift the status of his family and saw a business organization as one of the routes through which he would excel quickly. Liu created his first business while he was college. It was restaurant that unfortunately failed due to lack of sufficient management. He had to attended classes, and therefore had limited time to engage in business operations.

Creating JD.com

The idea of setting up was hatched in 2004, when Richard Liu and managers working for another business organization he had established sat down to figure out how their business would thrive. Due to an epidemic, they had closed down the stores they were running to reflect on what they needed to do. The idea of setting up an internet based business was brought up and endorsed by the Mr. Liu. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Since 2004, they closed the physical stores and started selling to the online customers. In the beginning, they could only manage a few digital good and IT products due to limited resources but as time went by, they added other products. By 2010, JD. Com had almost every products in their portfolio. Richard Liu Qiangdong relates the success of this company to the commitment he had of correcting the mistakes of other businesses doing internet sales at the time.


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JD.com’s Drone Launch In Indonesia


JD.Com is China’s largest retailer in several products. It has specialized mostly in online retailing services. The institute got popularity and growth very fast in China compared to the available retail stores. This company conducts various research concerning online retailing services and products. The most recent research showed that the Chinese people are quickly adopting into online retailing even more than the people in the USA. The research showed that 15% of the people in China use the online retailing program to get their grocery, compared to the 9% of the people recorded in the USA.

JD.com’s Drone Flight

JD.Com has decided to become better in its delivery services. It has therefore opted to start using a drone to deliver its products. JD decided to do a pilot project that will see that the drone flight exercise is successful. On 8 January 2019, the activity was carried out to show that there was a success when a drone is used. The drone test was carried out in Indonesia at West Java.

This drone was directed to fly over the Jagabita village. The flight was overseen by some people and customers that use JD.Com. All the customers were delighted to see the drone take off and head towards its delivery destination which was MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary school.

The items that were delivered by this drone were among the most massive supplies that have ever been made by JD.Com to a school set up. Therefore this marked the beginning of drone use as a better exercise that will lead to large delivery of the orders that will be made by various customers. Another advantage of using the drone is that there will be quick delivery of the products ordered by the customers. This will ensure that all the customers get the products in time and use them for the intended purposes. Refer to This Article for additional information.


JD.Com is a platform that tries to get better every day. Therefore all the innovations that the company makes are to ensure that there are smooth and easy exercises when requesting for products from JD.Com by customers.


Additional reference article: https://www.investing.com/equities/jd.com-inc-adr


Nick Vertucci’s History on the Real Estate Industry

It is not well known, but Nick Vertucci is a successful poker player. He is known for competing against famous poker player such as David Benyamine. Additionally, he has sat in tables with famous people such as Jennifer Tilly. Nick Vertucci’s playing history goes back to even before he was a leader in the real estate industry. He played in his major tournament in 2004, the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championship in commerce, CA where he was in position 8 out of 251. He walked away with $7,530 after buying in $1,500.

Over the years, Vertucci has improved his game in poker while still growing his skills and growing wealth in the real estate showing his winning skills in both fields. He used skills such as his ability to read others, intelligent bluffing, adaptability, emotional control and confidence to win in the areas.

Nick Vertucci has perfected his skills over the past 15 years, and his participation in tournaments has grown. He has participated in competitions that are recognized internationally such as; World Series of Poker, World Poker Tournament, Live at the Bike, and Poker After Dark. This participation has improved his rankings. Texas Hold’em happens to be his game of choice

In 2016, he participated in one of the biggest tournaments of his career, the World Series of poker and ranked 828th after winning $2,532. Putting into consideration that he is a part-time player, the assumption that his skills come naturally is made.

Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci is a well-known and respected real estate investor who has built a name for himself by dealing with homes in Orange County, California. In 2014, Nick came up with the NVREA, which gives chances to people in need to learn about the Real Estate Industry.

As an Author

Nick Vertucci released his first book, Seven-figure Decision: Having the Balls to Succeed in 2018. The book is a story about how he was able to beat the odds and achieve a lot. It covers information about his strategy in helping inspiring investors in the real estate industry and entrepreneurs for them to be successful.