Roberto Santiago Shows How to Invest.

The population of the world is rapidly growing. Schools are being built and people are adding to their knowledge every day. The more people are graduating from universities and colleges, the more the available vacancies are shrinking. People should not cry and complain to politicians for lack of jobs but rather should come out of their comfort zones and use the acquired knowledge from school to start businesses or any other form of earning some income.

Men of substance like Roberto Santiago have given us some courage to approach the job market with a positive attitude. He has prepared us psychologically that lack of jobs is the stepping stone to find other ways to earn a living. Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa, where he attended Pio X-Marist College. He joined the university center in the same area. He is a graduate in business administration.

Santiago believes that being an entrepreneur is better than working and making profits for others. He started his own Cartonnage Company, where he makes cartons from cardboards. Roberto is a confident entrepreneur and takes challenges as opportunities to be more creative and innovative. When Roberto was venturing into real estate, he was challenged to buy a land and launch the Manaira Mall. He says that business prosperity calls for patience and endurance. He has a testimony to give since his dream took him more than two years to be accomplished.

Roberto Santiago believes in total quality management and he has seen to it that the mall provides outstanding services including Gym, financial services, a game area among others. The mall has the most modern fittings and installations such as air conditioners, soundproofed walls and high-tech music system. Roberto understands that the business prosperity depends on its location. He encourages entrepreneurs to a thorough environmental analysis before starting any business.

Roberto notes that diversification in business will earn more profits and bring confidence in that if one business fails; the entrepreneur can depend on another business. He has opened other malls and owns several corporations. His passion for people has increased the reputation his companies. He has helped a lot of people through the creation of jobs and also participating in charity work. It is through the work of people like Santiago that the economy is growing. He believes that a happy heart has peace and peace is power. He has provided entertainment services to people around Joao.

Roberto Santiago attributes every success to hard work and like they say, hard work pays. Every dream should follow a vision and Santiago is a mentor and a visionary. Santiago`s parting shot is that every entrepreneur should be passionate and committed to the business.


Joe Arpaio

The evening of October 18th 2007 was very interesting for Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. They were forced to leave their house in handcuffs and thrown into the back of an unidentifiable SUV that held Mexican plates. There home was located in Arizona Phoenix area where Jim had grown up. After all this happened they were booked apart and held in separate jails.

Arpaio; who claimed he was America’s Toughest Sheriff was the one who lead the arrests of these two. Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were detained for writing a story in the Phoenix New Times the story was about Arpaio and his allies. Needless to say Arpaio hit his breaking point and felt he wanted to get even he had the two arrested and tried in court. Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin’s detainment made the whole nation roar, they were not too happy with this ending. Inevitably in the end the “dangerous” duo were released and set free in less than 24 hours after they were detained. According to the Ninth Circuit Court the detainment of these two was illegal and it went against their first amendment rights and abuse of power.

Even on top of all of this other illegal activity it was noted that the subpoenas served upon these two were actually invalid as well. This was the case because the prosecutor had skipped a step or two in the required legal procedures. Also it’s simply put that Lacey and Larkin were both arrested without a provable reason.

Soon after all these events took place the duo both received settlement money for the unjust actions taken against them. They use the settlement money most to help the Hispanic community when they receive the brunt of racial happenings. Claims have been made by these two that Arpaio has played a big part in giving Mexican’s a bad wrap. The two ended their interview by saying that of course they would stand by the Mexican migrants because they’re migrants as well.


Why did Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Create the Frontera Fund?

Michael Lacey, son of a construction worker, first met his business partner Jim Larkin in college. When their school began voicing conservative views on student anti-war protests, they created their own voice in the form of a school paper. After the success they had with their college publication, they dropped out to create a real newspaper.


As owners of The Phoenix New Times, they were able to not only make a change in their local area, but raised public awareness on the immoral behavior of Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio. When Arpaio arrested the two journalists for content they published in their paper they all made national headlines. All over the country people were reading about Arpaio’s illegal actions in papers like USA Today, The New York Times and The Washington Post.


The public outcry lead to Lacey and Larkin being released almost immediately. After their release, they filed a multi million dollar lawsuit against Maricopa County and sheriff Arpaio, which they would go on to win. Nearly 4 million dollars richer, Lacey and Larkin decided to create two new organizations.


The Frontera Fund


The Frontera Fund provides money for charities such as the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, which fights for rights and liberties for Arizona citizens. Their primary target are the Hispanics of Arizona that were targeted by Joe Arpaio though. The Frontera Fund website provides information for those who may be concerned with the Dream Act or other immigration laws. They also provide resources to the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, American Immigration Council and many others.


Their New Publication


Along with The Frontera Fund, Lacey and Larkin have created a newspaper called Front Page Confidential. The intention of the paper is to raised awareness of political corruption: primarily Joe Arpaio.


Obsidian Energy: Harvesting Western Canada Resources

Obsidian Energy, formerly known as Penn West Petroleum, is making a comeback in the oil and petroleum industry. The rebranded company was unveiled in June 2017, and since their reveal, Obsidian Energy has been taking advantage of the oil and petroleum wells that they left behind in the western part of Canada. The company shrank after the oil and petroleum price crash, and the company which has more than thousands of employees are now only looking after a hundred. The new CEO of Obsidian Energy thought that it would be a great idea if they would be salvaging the remaining oil and petroleum wells that can be found in Western Canada. He believes that there is still an abundance of resources deep within the abandoned wells.


Obsidian Energy sent a team to verify if their oil and petroleum wells in the province of Alberta can still produce the resources that they need to bounce back. They had to test the soil and see if traces of oil and petroleum are present. The new management of the company is convinced that there are still oil and petroleum remaining deep within the wells and ordered their team to search for it. After weeks of testing the oil and petroleum wells, the team sent by Obsidian Energy found oil. They started to extract the remaining oil and petroleum in their abandoned wells, and they managed to get 31,000 barrels of oil in just a small area. Obsidian Energy knew that it would signal their rise in the industry once again, and ordered for more teams to extract the resources. View More Information Here.


Today, Obsidian Energy manages to extract 31,000 barrels of oil from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. They also grew to become a middle-sized oil and petroleum company. Obsidian Energy believes that their achievements are still considered small, compared to what Penn West Petroleum has accomplished. However, the company stated that they would continue to extract oil and petroleum in their wells until they managed to pay off all of their debts and the company poses real revenues and profits. Obsidian is optimistic that they will bounce back after the oil price crisis hit them.


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Keep Calm and Make Capital Investments: Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

National Steel Car was established in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car. For more than a decade NSC has been recognized by the TTX SECO for supplier excellence. Furthermore, NSC is the only railcar manufacturer in North America to obtain a 9001 certification by the International Organization for Standardization.


When a company starts to stray from its mission and business strategy, the management team is supposed to start steering the company back in the right direction. What happens, however, when the management team completely abandons their company and leaves it to die? For National Steel Car, this was almost a reality that they had to face. Luckily, entrepreneur and businessman Gregory James Aziz came to the rescue before the company went completely under.


National Steel Car had its share of problems in the 1970s and 1980s. As a manufacturer of railcars and rolling stock for freight trains, much of the success of the company depended on the economic environment of the railroads as a whole. When the trucking companies started to move in on the customers that had traditionally gone with rail traffic as their main source of transportation, the railroad industry started to suffer. They gradually declined and started to merge with each other to stay afloat. For suppliers, this meant there were fewer customers to sell to.


Any normal management team would see this and decide to change their strategy. Instead of doing that, however, the management team of National Steel Car decided to jump ship. They started stripping all of the capital out of the company to earn their returns. They thought there was no way that the company would be able to survive a blow like this, so they refused to invest any more money into it. When it seemed like National Steel Car was about to be gone forever, Gregory J. Aziz purchased it from the owners in 1994.


Greg Aziz knew exactly how to handle this situation. He worked with management to come up with a new business strategy that focused one engineering and design of a new, high-quality car instead of one that was just low-cost to build. The market had been wanting higher-quality cars, and the low-quality ones that had previously been built by NSC were causing issues for customers, driving them away. When they got wind that National Steel Car was starting to increase their quality again, customers started to come back. To keep up with the new demand, Gregory Aziz put more money into the company and purchase new machines and equipment to increase production capacity. Get More Information Here.


In the end, National Steel Car survived this period of uncertainty because the new owner and CEO, Gregory J. Aziz, kept a cool head and did not abandon his post. Management teams in every industry could learn a valuable lesson from the actions of Greg Aziz.


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Talk Fusion Video Marketing

Talk Fusion is a video communication company that has made its mark in over 140 countries around the world. Talk Fusion continues to expand by creating technology that is convenient and life-changing. Bob Reina started Talk Fusion. He started Talk fusion based off of a need and continued to expand his company by providing his customers that meet needs before they are even able to identify the need that they have. He works hard to provide his customers with high-quality products that they will never be able to find at any other company in the world.

Bob Reina was inspired to create Talk Fusion after he had problems trying to send a video through email. He was viewing a house in North Carolina that he believed would be a good fit for his family. He tried to send the video of the house to his family to make sure they agreed with the purchase before he finalized it. AOL notified him that video email was unavailable and impossible ever to create. When Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion the first product that he released was video email. He showed that video communication was indeed possible to create.

Talk Fusion has released many products that have changed the idea and belief of the world that things are impossible. They have recently created WebRTC. WebRTC allows people to communicate whenever they like without having to download complicated technology. Talk Fusion also allows companies to have business meetings online rather than being bound by the walls of an office. WebRTC allows people to attend a meeting from wherever they are at the time. Businesses that utilize Talk Fusion’s products are also able to respond to emails with video instead of long emails. This allows for less misunderstanding of messages that are sent out.

Companies are very likely to utilize Talk Fusion because Bob Reina makes sure that they create products that are useful to regular people and corporations. They make sure that everyone is included to serve everyone. WebRTC allows anyone that uses their service to open their browser and communicate with whomever they choose to communicate with. Talk Fusion continues to create innovative products that benefit all of their customers that are located in various places all over the world. They have created locations to expose people all over the world to the video communication products that they have created for society. Learn more:

The Knowledge and Know-How of Gregory James Aziz

Businessman and investor Gregory James Aziz has had a storied past. His experiences have helped him build up several industries and save several companies from utter destruction and bankruptcy. His ability to make connections across borders and strategize ways out of conundrums makes him a valuable asset to any company that hires him. Greg Aziz truly is a titan of industry.

Greg Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada and attended the University of Western Ontario until 1971. From there he went to his family’s food company, Affiliated Foods. The first few years of his career were rather uneventful. Once he was in charge of making strategic decisions, however it became clear that he was a step ahead of the rest. He worked tirelessly to expand the supply network for Affiliated Foods from just intracontinental suppliers to suppliers from Europe and South America. He brought in new and exotic foods that customers wanted, and with this attracted more customers from different parts of the globe. When he left after 16 years at Affiliated Foods, the company had been completely transformed into a leader in the foods business.

In the 1980s, Gregory Aziz decided to get into investment banking. Always one who was curious with how businesses worked, he worked with several clients to determine the best needs for their business. However, his heart was not in this business, and he decided to save up his money and purchase a new business to get back in the management game. His target was National Steel Car.

In 1994, Aziz purchased the company, a producer of railcars for railroads and private companies. NSC had been in a slump in recent years. The previous management team did not know how to handle a worsening business environment and left a shell of a company without much capital or value. To keep the company alive, Aziz poured cash into new capital projects and the hiring of additional personnel.


Aziz decided that the old way of doing things would no longer work, and that the company needed to focus on what the customers wanted in order to succeed: quality. Aziz hired new engineers and designers to work with customers and get them the best, safest, and highest-quality railcars that ever came out of National Steel Car. Now NSC is one of the only rolling stock companies left in North America. It had contracts with every major railroad and is doing extremely well. This is all thanks to the knowledge and know-how of Gregory James Aziz. View More Information Here.



Betsy DeVos Had a Rocky Introduction to America but Keep an Eye on Her

Most of the people in Michigan know Betsy DeVos and her family’s name because they have been instrumental in many things. The family donates money to several areas of the state in attempts to revitalize Michigan. Some people know the family because of the generosity shown through their church when they feed people in need. Others know them as the family who battled worker unions and practically dismantled them while others know them as the family that dismantled a large part of the state’s public education system. There is no doubt that Betsy DeVos and her family have been an integral part of Michigan’s existence these last few years mostly due to the insane amount of money they possess.


Still, not many people knew who she was outside of Michigan. The first time people started to pay attention to her was when Donald Trump, the new leader of the country, decided to choose her as Secretary of Education for the United States. The lady did not have experience in this department, which was evident when she could not answer simple questions during her congressional hearing.


Some say that she was chosen because she was a big supporter of Trump, and some believe that President Trump has a soft spot for people who like him. There are some Americans who believe that she will be a pushover in the White House, but those who remember her Michigan days believes she is a hard-headed and religiously-driven political beast with a lot of money to use against political opponents.


One person who warned people not to underestimate Betsy is none other than Mike Cox, who is a famed Republican and a former state attorney general. He said her dedication is strong, and she does not bow down to anyone. This could not be more evident than when she quietly resisted President Trump’s decision not to allow transgender children to choose the restroom they preferred. Of course, not many people heard of this resistance, and she does not want to quarrel with the President publicly.


There are some who worry about her, even if she quietly resisted a controversial move by the President. Some worry that she is going to push school choice on the rest of Americans and hurt public education. There are several families that depend on public education to ensure that their children are educated and have an opportunity for a good future. DeVos wants families to have a choice of going to a public school, religious school, or private school using the voucher system. It should be noted that she does not want to allow the government to oversee private or religious schools to ensure that children are being educated properly. Needless to say, this does not sit well with many educators throughout the country.


Betsy’s introduction to the US was not universally accepted like some of her policies. She went in front of congress and did not answer questions knowledgeably. There was even a point when she talked about schools fighting off grizzly bears using guns. As awkward as that scenario is, she used it to defend a school’s right to have live firearms within their premises.


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The Grown Obsidian Energy

The production of oil and gas in Canada is an immense industry. This industry is not only important to the country but also North America. The country has the third largest oil reserves in the world has seen many players join in the trade. Among the companies joining in is the Obsidian Energy.


Formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Limited, Obsidian Energy Limited is an oil company that has its operations at Calgary, Alberta. The mining operation takes place in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, a region which boasts of having a large petroleum reserve in the country. The production results from the Peace River oil sands, the Alberta Viking and the Pembina Cardium, the three key areas of production for Obsidian Energy.


The 2017 projected production is estimated to be 31,000bbl per day. The company has been among the sixty major groups at the Toronto Stock exchange market. It has also been a member of Canadian Royalty Trust and was also able to hit its peak having had a market capitalization of 9.5 Billion US dollars. Visit This Page for more information.


Obsidian Energy redefined itself on 26th June 2017 when the shareholders voted to change the name Penn West Petroleum limited to Obsidian Energy. Obsidian was chosen because of the materials ability to be easily transformed and reshaped. The Material much like the company has undergone changes which they have arisen stronger and capable.


Under the guidance of David. L. French who is the president and the Chief Executive officer the company sees to be fruitful in the industry. David was able to be part of Obsidian Energy in October 2016, a degree holder in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA he has the right skills to steer the company to success. The corporation is based on accountability within all parties involved and discipline. This will see Obsidian achieve more in the coming years.


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Purchasing from Obsidian Energy

When it comes to getting the right fuel oils, you need a company that provides a service that is not only inexpensive but also has quality products. The best way to accomplish this is by utilizing a company known as Obsidian Energy. Obsidian Energy, formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd.,  has been around for quite some time, so they are able to easily and quickly get the right type of fuel for your needs. Once you make the decision to utilize this company, you’re choosing an agency that offers wonderful products that are not going to break the bank. In fact, this is why Obsidian Energy has been in business for quite some time and has worked with people all over the world.


Obsidian Energy is Canada’s leading fuel oil producer, and you can trust knowing that you’re hiring a professional agency that does this for a living. This means that if you need to get your products delivered to your door, they are able to do this for you. If you would like to purchase the products to resell, Obsidian Energy is able to sell you the fuel that you need at a price that will still allow you to make a profit. This is why a lot of people have made the decision to utilize Obsidian Energy for themselves and are finding them to be a viable company for their own requirements. Visit This Page to learn more.


Obsidian Energy was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


No matter what type of fuel you’re going to need, you are going to want to consider hiring Obsidian Energy for your advantage. This is a company you can trust and know that you’re getting a superior quality product that is going to last. Unlike other fuel oils that burn quickly and make you spend more money than you’d like, Obsidian Energy is there to change the way that you buy and use your fuels. You can either choose from oil or gas, as they have both fuels available at any given time. Obsidian Energy has been a trusted company of many for the past decade, so you can feel confident using them for your own benefit once you decide to hire them.


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Some of The Lessons One Can Learn from Jed McCaleb’s Journey in Business

Jed McCaleb the co-founder of recently did an interview with an online publication breaking down his entrepreneurial journey while at the same time revealing some of his secrets to success. In the interview Jed says if ever given an opportunity to go back and begin afresh, he has a long list of stuff that he could do differently but this is not to say that he regrets it or anything like that but it is all about looking back to ascertain whether considering the information that was readily available at the time and whether he made the best possible decision at the time. He however also recognizes the fact that it is also possible to make the best possible decision and have your plans rocked by external factors that are way beyond your control.

Jed’s approach to business is the bigger the better meaning that if you have a product with the potential to solve a need in all parts of the world by any means just go global since according to him the difference between going for the mass market and going for a targeted niche market is quite marginal but the reward for mass production is quite huge when compared side by side with niche market production.

Jed credits his immense success at the marketplace to his deliberate intentions of taking most of his time coming up with the best humanly possible product as opposed to building substandard products and then focusing on marketing those products as some of his competitors do. This is highly enabled by the internet given that these days it is much easier for the target market to identify the product that wholly satisfies and meets their needs.

However, this is not to say that Jed has not met his fair share of challenges during his journey as a businessman, though he says the most important thing is to overcome them and never ever let them stop you from your dream. It all boils down to how persistent you can be throughout the trials and tribulations phase as you finally await your day of breaking out and receive your success.