The Story Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu is the creator and CEO of, also known as Jingdong Mall which is an e-commerce platform in China that is worth $57.6 billion. According to Forbes, Liu’s net worth is estimated at $11 billion. In 1996, Richard Liu Qiangdong graduated from Renmin University with a degree in sociology. He spent most of his free time sharpening his programming skills by doing some coding work. After graduating, Liu got a job at Japan Life and carried out different roles. In 2004, Richard Liu closed down all his other ventures and put all his focus on his new e-commerce business, JD. From there, Jingdong has been growing and has become Alibaba’s chief rival.

How he Built

Richard Liu Qiangdong built from scratch, and it is now the largest retail store in China. Liu came up with the initials JD from the first letter of his first name and the first letter of his wife’s second name. Liu believed that e-commerce would be the future of business because it is easy to use and convenient to most clients that do not want to visit stores. According to Richard Liu, the online market was chaotic. Therefore, he wanted to come up with new rules, new prices, and deal with genuine products. In 2004, used to sell IT products only due to limited funds to restock. By the year 2010, Liu’s e-commerce had everything clients needed in stock.

At the moment, Jingdong has 167,000 employees. The good thing about is that clients can order their products from all over the world. If a client requests for a product around China, it will be delivered in 6 hours only. Delivering products out of China may end up taking like 10-15 working days. In recent years, the most popular goods on are consumer products and fashion. According to Liu, in the next decade, the biggest e-commerce store in China will be the biggest in the world.


With only two children, Richard Liu believes that they should discover themselves and maximize their potential. Additionally, he believes that for you to become successful, you need integrity. Both of Liu’s parents are alive, and he still takes time to listen to whatever they tell him. Generally, Richard Liu wants to be a great man in society, and someone people will live to remember. Refer to This Article for related information.

Finally, Liu enjoys swimming and traveling during his free time.


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Robert Deignan’s Daily Entrepreneur Routine

Many people change their careers over their lifetimes for many reasons. They may lose their interest, get injured to the point where they cannot continue, or they may run out of finances. Whatever reason they change career, it tends to have a positive outcome for people. Robert Deignan has a bright future when it came to football. He received a full football scholarship to Purdue University. Robert graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Science in business management. After college Mr. Deignan play football for a few professional teams including the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins.


Robert Deignan also has a passion for business and wanted to become an entrepreneur, so he started his own company called Fanlink, Inc. This would be the beginning the a long and successful career as an entrepreneur. Now Robert is the chief executive officer and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. The CEO had a real talent when it came to working with computers and software. He started working for other companies which specialized in creating anti-malware software. The only problem was they were having a hard time installing it on client’s computers without having a lot of issue pop up. Robert and his business colleagues devised a plan to start their own company that would provide technical support for people remotely. A typical day for the business owner starts precariously early in the morning, at 5:15am.


He stumbles out of bed and goes to the gym to get a good workout with a buddy. After his workout, Robert goes home get ready for work, and arrives at the office at 8:20am. This is a time of strategizing, planning, and going over the numbers from the previous day. The work day ends at 6:30pm. Family time ensues, then puts his kid to bed. Afterwards, he takes a minute to himself to watch a television. Even though Robert is a tech oriented businessman, he comes up with his best ideas when he is away from a computer and in nature. This includes sitting in his backyard with a nice cup of coffee, watching the day unfold.

Vinod Gupta: A Philosophy For Success


Vinod Gupta, the founder of Infogroup and the succeeding Everest Group, has invested decades into the refinement of his entrepreneurial skill set. Throughout his long career, Vin’s commitment to the proper implementation of risk assessment has served him well. While each of his companies’ financial steps are thoroughly vetted, they are also progressive. This underlying precept is best stated in his own words, “Take many risks, but be conservative in spending funding.” (i.e., cost-benefit analysis)


Since 1972, Vin Gupta’s primary focus has been directed toward the development of database technology. Initially, his endeavors were rebutted by his acquaintances, but he thoroughly weighed the costs and deemed them worth the potential profits. In time, he was proven to be correct in his assessment of his Infogroup potential; currently valued at over 680 million dollars.


Vin Gupta understands the need to embrace the future through active expansion. This expansion has naturally shifted his attention from the day-to-day maintenance to acquiring new companies and incorporating them into the organization. Go To This Page for more information.


Gupta has proven to have a talent for incorporating the leading edge of technological advancements into his business models. His adaptability through the decades has proven the benefit of embracing the future rather than guarding your single piece of the present. In the early 90s, that future was the internet. Today, that future is A.I.


While he has had many successes, nobody walks a perfect path. There are always cracks in the pavement. Over the years, Vin Gupta has made his share of mistakes. There are the occasional miscalculations that have led to financial loss. However, one of the understated keys to his success has been to lose sight of the emotion of regret and to refocus upon the lessons that those mistakes can teach. An attitude like that changes probabilities, and can practically make continued success an inevitability.


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Charlamagne Tha God On Mental Health Issues


Co-host of the radio station, the Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God has been spreading awareness of prominent issues such as mental health. His new book, “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me”, discusses Charlamange’s own problems concerning mental health. He narrates how he overcame his own struggles and made them his driving force in succeeding in life.

Charlamagne Tha God was recently contacted by HBO and it was made public that he would be hired for his own show, “The Gray Area with Charlamagne Tha God”.

Charlamagne’s personality makes him an amazing fit for addressing controversial issues such as mental health because he is not one to be frightened by such topics that society shies away from.

Charlamagne has not always been so successful in life, however. He began his story as a very ordinary man, much relatable to many of us- finding trouble wherever he goes. After a few conflicting events with the law, he made the decision to change his life forever and worked his way up, ultimately becoming the successful man we know today. Bottom line? He knows what battles people with mental health issues are fighting because he had to go through them at one point and grew up in environments similar to most people. See This Article for additional information.

One major topic that he has decided to take on are celebrities with mental health issues. Often due to the fear of losing their careers, or looking bad in public, celebrity figures are not open about their mental states, which can be detrimental for them. Charlamagne Tha God wishes to make it easier for celebrities to come clean about how they feel by spreading awareness of the topic. Mental health issues do not only impact those with great societal standards to live up to- but the ordinary citizen as well.


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Great Hair Care Starts With Wen By Chaz

Beautiful hair doesn’t happen by chance. Beautiful hair is the result of proper care. The more TLC you provide to your hair, the healthier, sleeker, shinier it will be, revealing lush locks that make you feel your best. Why it’s unique is because there is an assortment of hair care products is out there to help in the quest for gorgeous hair. Not all products are created equally, however. If you want the best results, you need the best products.


Wen by Chaz is on the list of the ‘best’ but unlike what you probably suspect, the products won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The Dry Shampoo product is the first that brought the WEN name to life. Now, the brand has expanded and provides a full line of products that keep the hair looking and feeling its best.


The Dry Shampoo is still available, of course, and should be the start of your healthy hair regimen. It is easy to cleanse the hair, even when you’re in a hurry when the dry shampoo is available on eBay. Wen offers signature brushes, fall apple shampoos and conditioners, hot oils, and dozens of other reasonably priced products. The brand has been going strong for more than 10-years now, giving you confidence in the name and products that you buy.


Chaz Dean, founder of the Wen Company, is a renowned stylist to the stars. He has a salon in beautiful Beverly Hills, California, where he styles the heads of various celebrities, including Angelina Jolie! Chaz works with a team of scientists to develop natural hair care products that help the hair overcome any obstacles and look its best. Check out Wen on Instagram.


Why Neurocore Is Transforming Mental Healthcare

Founded in 2004, Neurocore has quickly gained a reputation as a national authority in applied Neuroscience, boasting nine brain performance centers throughout the United States. Neurocore specializes in using state of the art neurotechnology to provide data-driven results based on brain assessments and training programs. The company has served the wider community in a number of different capacities, including providing brain training for the Portland Trail Blazers. Recent technological advances in brain mapping and neurofeedback have provided Neurocore with an outstanding array of modern techniques for increasing the brains performance while providing reward based therapy for emotional stability and focus. In this capacity, Neurocore has served many people dealing with psychological imbalances by treating various forms of mental issues using programs designed around therapy based, in part, on reward stimulation techniques. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore’s Work With Mental issues like Depression and ADHD

Neurocore has developed a 30 session program for treating depression and major anxiety disorders which performed quite well in clinical studies. Reportedly, out of the 292 candidates who completed this 30-course program, 84% claimed they experienced a noticeable reduction in symptoms, with 51% no longer meeting the symptomatic threshold for being diagnosed with depression. Using applied neuro therapy for treating teenagers and young adults dealing with ADHD, Neurocore has experienced an astounding amount of success. Out of the thousands of patients Neurocore has treated, it has been reported that 85% experienced a noticeable reduction in symptoms associated with ADHD with 53% of those patients no longer meeting the symptomatic threshold for diagnosis. Neurocores drug-free treatment options are a promising route for the future of mental therapy, posing less risk of side effects while providing a greater more effective degree of treatment options. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Since 2004, Neurocore has established a reputation as a leader who stands at the forefront of new neurotechnology which promises to provides more effective treatment options for training the most important muscle we have, our brains. In the coming years, Neurocore’s treatment options like neuro therapy are expected to gain a significant hold in dealing with mental health. \


Jojo Hedaya: Improving Emailing Experience


Email subscriptions are lifesavers in an ideal world. However, they are one-step to chaos to an email address inbox. According to many types of research done, spam emails are one of the main distractions. Seeing important email has become impossible over the years. One person, Jojo Hedaya, is challenging this scenario. He is on a mission to make what an email inbox is supposed to be, the haven to important emails. In the past five years, the 24 years old has been on a journey to make your inbox great again. Through Unroll.Me, the CEO has been able to help millions of people in restoring simplicity back to their mailing life.


What inspired Jojo Hedaya to go in this particular direction? Just like every user, Hedaya was frustrated by constant subscriptions emails and unexpected newsletters from entities he had no interests. He points out that the traditional way to filter the inbox by use of spam option was a catalyst to disaster. He was occasionally missing important emails through spam. This frustration was the beginning of this brilliant journey of simplifying and adding value to inbox. The system Hedaya designed has a brilliant approach to classifying emails. As a system that is for making the inbox neat, it classifies all the subscriptions and other less important emails to one specific email- The Rollup.


What is the importance of ‘The Rollup’? First, Jojo Hedaya points out that this is one-step to productivity. As much as the subscriptions are important, they are the greatest distraction. The system allows the user to select a specific time to review the subscriptions preferably after the productivity hours. Second, the system according to Hedaya is also critical in making sure that the user sees and responds to those important emails on time. With this system, one does not need to worry about losing crucial email through spams classification.


The City University of New York (Brooklyn College) graduate is one of the youngest CEOs in the vast technology world. Since 2011, he has been on the forefront at solving emailing dilemma most people and institutions deal with in the course of working. Get Additional Information Here.


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Michael Burwell Accomplishments


For business entrepreneurs to be successful, they require some to always have their back in case of a crisis they cannot handle. They require someone more experienced in the business world to guide them in on how to run a successful business. Michael Burwell is a successful businessman who has specialized in giving financial advice to both small and big entrepreneurs. His skills and experience have made him work at big companies where he has worked at crucial positions. He acquired a Bachelors Degree In Business Administration at the University of Michigan.


In addition to that, he also studied CPA. He gained a lot of knowledge on running a successful business. He has worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers for a period of 31years. He worked in different departments in the company. Michael Burwell worked for 11years at the assurance practice where he used to give advice to business people. He was later promoted to work at the company’s Detroit transaction business.


Due to his hard work and determination, he was later promoted to be Chief Operating Officer of Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the U.S. He applied all his knowledge and skills in carrying out his roles in the company making it grow to a big company. Michael Burwell is also a very innovative person. By dealing with many clients, he makes sure to learn something from them. He later applies the knowledge to be creative in business. He always has a goal to stay productive and keep up with the competition. Michael Burwell knows how to work with minimum resources to produce great results.


He has also embraced technology which has made work easier for example in marketing products.

He always advises every entrepreneur to always look forward to creating a good raport with other entrepreneurs in his field. This is important because it creates a strong bond. This leads to the build-up of trust and transparency in business. Michael Burwell also advises business people to create a good relationship with team members and potential investor because these are crucial people who can make their business to grow. It is without a doubt that Michael Burwell is a role model for many business entrepreneurs.


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Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina Care About Dementia

Shiraz Boghani is a successful entrepreneur who is well known for his activity with the Splendid Hospitality hotels group. Co-founding Sojourn in 2016, Boghani acts as its present chairman. Prior to founding Sojourn, Shiraz Boghani and Dr.Shafik Sachedina founded Sussex Health Care with the intention of giving peace of mind to loved ones suffering from Dementia. Sussex Health Care has been in operation since it opened its first facility in 1985. Presently, it has more than twenty facilities in operation, all including a state of the art gym and day facility with full care residential housing. More about of Shafik Sachedina on Crunchbase

What Separates Sussex Healthcare Apart From Their Competition

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s visionary approach to health care is what is responsible for Sussex Healthcare facilities catering to both extensive and limited care Dementia patients. Sussex Healthcare facilities pride themselves on the company philosophy which believes all Dementia patients deserve access to leisure and recreational activities while being treated with the utmost humaneness. Shafik Sachedina claims all of the programs offered by Sussex Healthcare are based on a simple rubric of physical health that encourages residents to stay active and engaged in their surroundings. Also, Shafik Sachedina takes a different approach with Sussex Healthcare in providing individualized leisure and action plans based on the resident’s interests in earlier life. Skilled chefs are also a must with Sussex Healthcare, meaning that the facility offers highly nutritious meals to residents on a daily basis. Helping with learning is also an important factor at Sussex Healthcare. Learning activities like handicrafts or quizzes are regularly employed to help residents cope with the varying degrees of memory loss brought on by Dementia. Those with learning disabilities are provided round the clock care customized to each resident’s personalized needs. Both Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have co-chaired Sussex Healthcare for over two decades and are committed philanthropists.



Richard Liu Qiangdong: Growing


The video interview featured only for with Richard Liu Qiangdong and David Rubenstein is an eye-opener for anyone that is interested in growing their own business. In fact, Richard Liu talks about how he was able to succeed after a significant failure. As a student, he thought that he would have enough time to successfully contribute to the growth of a burgeoning restaurant business. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The business needed more of his time and he was able to provide, and he learned a very powerful lesson about those dynamics. Liu Quaingdong tells Rubenstein that this is one of the lessons that he brought with him when he started Jingdong Mall.


Jingdong Mall was Richard Liu’s second chance to make a business work. He tells David Rubenstein that the mall was particularly important because he had a family to support. His grandmother, the woman who raised him, was very sick and in need of medication. He had everything riding on this project. Because he had learned so much in his previous business endeavor, Liu was able to translate that to a larger margin of success. Jingdong Mall did very well for a number of years. In 2003 SARS became a huge issue for the Chinese public. This is when he decided to move Jingdong Mall to the Internet and rename it Go Here for more information was a novel idea in a way because many of the websites in 2004 were in a sense, shady. Richard Liu Qiangdong did not want it to become known as one of those websites. He made sure that their marketing was honorable, and their merchandise was of high quality. It was not a trap that he wanted his customers to fall into. Liu Quiangdong wanted them to feel empowered by their purchases with the company.


Today, his adjustment in business practices have been a considerable eye-opener for many people in the industry. is regarded as one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the region. He explains to David Rubenstein that he only hopes to continue this success as a company grows. It is always a time for growth with


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