A Look At The Industries That Arthur Becker Has Been A Part Of

In addition to being an entrepreneur in the fields of technology and real estate, Arthur Becker is also an artist who works with a variety of materials. He has his office in the Tribeca area of New York City where he displays some of the art he has created. One of the things he likes to work with his money which often shows up in his creations. Becker has used everything from crumpled dollars to quarters to gold bars in order to create sculptures, origami animals, and other shapes. His art is often bought by those on Wall Street where he himself worked many years ago.

Arthur Becker is currently mostly focusing on New York and Miami real estate. While he has been involved in a number of real estate developments over the last decade his latest one at 465 Washington Street will be his first solo outing. Once completed this project will be a 8 unit luxury condo building worth an estimated $53 million. Other projects he has been involved in with others includes the high-end building at 111 West 57th Street.

Being the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of NaviSite was Arthur Becker’s first foray into the world of technology. This company provided web hosting and other technological services to other companies. After it was purchased by another company Arthur Becker moved on Zinio LLC where he was the Chairman and CEO. Under his leadership, Zinio became the largest internet provider of digital magazines around the globe.

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker used to be married to the notable fashion designer Vera Wang, however, they separated in 2012. He was a senior advisor to her company, Vera Wang Fashion Company, for seven years while he advised on how to run the company effectively and efficiently.

While he is primarily focused on investing in real estate, Arthur Becker also invests in early stage biotechnology companies. He finds this industry very interesting and while he isn’t trained in the field he has picked up enough knowledge about biotechnology that he has done very well investing in it.

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