Success Academy Opens Academic Success To All

Success Academy charter schools are a beacon of hope for students lost in the system of public education. Unlike failing public schools charter schools boast as much as a 55% rate of students with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Success Academy charter schools are a brilliant system, beginning in elementary school and proceeding all the way to high school, preparing students all the way for a worthwhile college education. Teachers at Success Academy schools are constantly engaged with students on both an academic and emotional level, providing the highest degree of support and encouragement for every child in their care.


Students are inspired and exposed to a varied and stimulating curriculum tailored to promote the curiosity and real world experiences lacking in everyday public school learning. Learning at Success Academy is hands on and promotes critical thinking, as well as a love of the arts and sciences. While in public schools, support for the arts may be shrinking, Success Academy helps students fall in love with reading and self-expression. Success Academy is built around encouraging children to experiment and do, and teaching is centered around small group instruction. Instead of lecturing huge groups of students, teachers at Success Academy are hands on and give each student one on one attention they need.


Success Academy was founded in 2006 in New York City and is open to all residents of New York. 41 schools are currently operational and serve over 14,000 students across those schools. Most of the students served by Success Academy are from low income households and the majority are children of color. Success Academy is the highest preforming charter school network in New York city and has opened amazing, quality, discovery oriented education to students who otherwise would not have the chance to benefit from it. Success Academy also serves students who were formerly classified as special needs students, and children with disabilities, providing all its students with the help and support they need to achieve academic success.

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