National Steel Car Lives on for Generations

Everyone in the room at the National Steel Car meeting was applauding Greg Aziz because he had just become the hero. It was a time of tension and nervousness within the railway industry. On the news channels that morning was the announcement that the Canadian government had reached out to the Americans to join forces and past the strictest regulations that the railway industry had ever known. No one thought they would go for that specific option since that would result in countrywide job loss. However, the governments had decided to go with the option since the Obama administration highly favored green energy. Many people in the rail industry were now nervous that they would lose their jobs either to layoffs or corporate mergers.


Gregory James Aziz was there to tell them that these worries were unfounded. He went on to explain to them that National Steel Car would not be laying off the workforce during this time. Instead, National Steel Car would be expanding their workforce because they were one of only two companies that were still able to compete. This news, of course, confused the workforce as they had no idea why National Steel Car was able to compete with these new stricter regulations in place.


Greg James Aziz then began explaining how National Steel Car had developed a secret railcar that was capable of functioning should the government pass regulations that made their older cars obsolete.


This new secret railcar was created by National Steel Car’s engineers at a secret factory that was built in Michigan. This new railcar was capable of using 90% less emissions while also traveling twice as far. In addition to this, it was capable of using 50% less water and use all recycled material.

Greg Aziz then spelled out for them as clearly as he could what this meant for the company. 85% of rail companies could no longer compete underneath these new regulations. This meant that there were mass layoffs and corporate mergers. However, National Steel Car was able to not only run their cars underneath the new regulations, but they were able to travel between country lines whereas no other company could. Get More Information Here.


This new railcar allowed National Steel Car to dominate the complete railway industry. The received billion-dollar contracts from multiple businesses. This gave National Steel Car the longevity they needed to cross the 100-year mark in the business. The company can then expect another TTX SECO award which they have consistently received for over a decade.



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