National Steel Car is Led By a Legend

The party was going wonderfully, and the champagne was flowing freely. The company had just celebrated the fact that they have been valued at over $63 billion, and the man they have to thank was the chief executive officer Gregory James Aziz.


Greg James Aziz has been a gift to National Steel Car. During his time there, he has achieved many things that were thought impossible. It was the accomplishment of these impossible tasks that earned him the title of “legendary businessman.”


When he first took the helm of National Steel Car it was during a time when the United States of America and Canada were looking at pass tougher environmental regulations. This, of course, had stock investors extremely worried and they were hesitant to invest his company. The only way to ensure that they would be able to get investors would be to become more environmentally friendly. United Technologies Corporation achieved this by lowering their gas emissions by 26% and also the water consumption by 53%.


The next thing Greg Aziz did to help National Steel Car was to stabilize the company. When he first took over as CEO, it was at a time when the market was quite unstable. Aziz knew that stockholders would be scared to continue investing if they thought the company was going to lose funds. To gain their confidence, he decided the best course of action would be to acquire several other businesses that have merchandise in similar but different industries. Then he could use the profits from the other sectors to offset the deficit the main area of business.


He first began by acquiring the aerospace company Pratt & Whitney and gaining their military contracts. This gave National Steel Car a foothold in the government world and allowed them to expand from Canada into the United States of America.


The next company he acquired allowed them the branch out and transport heating and air-conditioning equipment. To make this happen, he had to acquire the company, Otis. Click Here to learn more.


The last move that Greg Aziz made was the real game changer. He was able to acquire the aerospace contracts from the United Technologies Corporation and their subsidiary Goodrich. Those contracts alone were worth $3 billion.


Through smart business practices such as these, Greg Aziz was able to not only bring National Steel Car into its first 100 years of business but could guarantee 100 years more.

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