The Career of Executive Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is a longtime executive in the healthcare management sector. He has spent many years managing and leading a number of pharmaceutical companies. During his career, he has helped many firms develop and introduce a number of drugs that improve the health of many people. As of today, Scott is the current managing partner of a company known as 5AM Ventures. He has held this position since the year 2004 and has therefore had a long tenure at this very important position in the company. Prior to becoming the managing partner of the company, Scott has served as the venture partner since the year 2003. With his experience and leadership, Scott Rocklage has established himself as a successful executive in the healthcare industry.


Over the years Scott has held a number of important positions at all of the companies that he has been a part of. During his career, he has held position such as board chairman, chairman, chief executive officer and the current positions he has now of venture partner and managing partner. Each of these positions has allowed him to showcase his talents and leadership for the organizations that he has worked at. As a healthcare management executive, Scott has helped companies develop medications that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Along with the successful approval of numerous medications, Scott Rocklage has also helped get a number of other drugs submitted for approval as well.


Before Scott started his career, he completed a number of educational programs. He first attended and graduated from the University of California Berkeley. At this university, he completed a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. After finishing up a degree program at the University of California Berkeley, Scott went on to complete a Ph.D degree in chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While attending MIT, Scott would advance his knowledge of chemistry. As a result, he would use this knowledge to help develop a number of medications. This educational background has enabled Scott to become an expert in pharmaceuticals as well as attain high ranking positions at the companies that he has worked at.


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