Sahm Adrangi Makes an Impact at an Early Age

Sahm Adrangi has already made a solid reputation for himself at a young age. He loves the nature of activist investing, and the swagger business style approach that goes along with it. While he has a professional demeanor, polished, he can talk the language of Wall Street traders with ease and expertise.

He is best known for his work in helping expose fraudulent Chinese companies during 2011. It must have taken keen research and trading skills, since no one else made the discovery. As CIO and Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi offers highly respected industry analysis and expert publications that help the typical investor.

At the time of exposing Chinese companies, Sahm Adrangi worked in a small room on Madison Avenue. His view of the city was an adjacent brick building. It is not the view you would expect that would inspire such a brilliant mind. He did not speak Chinese, and had never set in China, and his Linkedin.

Yet, Sahm Adrangi gained special insights into China’s economic durability. He was able to dig up enough information on several companies to drain their fortunes while creating his own. That, alone, was impressive in an industry filled with bright and aggressive minds, and what Sahm Adrangi knows.

Adrangi graduated from Yale in 2003. During that time, he hired on with an investment banking firm. It did not take him long to leave and set up his own small hedge fund. He used inheritance money, his own savings, and funds from other supporters. He made good on his investment. His hedge fund found itself eventually increasing by six-fold.

His company now shows great interest in the biotechnology, mining, and the communications sectors. His product offerings include webinars, live presentations, articles, and posts shared through social media. Kerrisdale Capital Management is an industry leader when it comes to short research analysis and activism. There is no doubt that he has a ton of personal charisma, knowledge, and daring. For some, these qualities spell success in a highly competitive world.

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