Securus Technologies And The Criminal Justice System

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a technology company that serves more than 3450 Public Safety and law-enforcement agencies. There are more than a million inmates in United States of America, and Securus technology is dedicated to keeping Americans safe. This is a company that deals with technology that can help with incident management, investigation, communication, and inmate self-service.


The Difference That A Containment Solution Could Make

Recently, a live video that was recorded on Facebook went viral. The video showed an inmate with a weapon and a cell phone. This was a clip that was recorded at the Evans Correctional Institute; it shows Jose Rivera. Rivera is a dangerous individual who was caught with a cell phone and a knife.


Why We Should Be Worried

This video shows us that there are inmates who not only have cell phones on their person, but they have dangerous weapons that could be used to hurt or kiil other inmates and staff.


Why Securus Technologies Is An Amazing Solution

Securus Technologies is able to streamline the correctional process in these facilities. In that way, staff is able to access contraband and interdiction technology. This technology will help to reduce the amount of paperwork that is needed by wireless carriers, and it obligates them to work with correctional facilities. This technology is one of the first steps to help keep inmates away from dangerous contraband.

Captain Robert Johnson was a correctional officer who was the victim of an attack that was coordinated by a inmate with a cell phone. He is a strong advocate for technology that can help keep the public safe.


What The Facts Prove

Earlier in the year, Securus Technologies was able to release information that was collected by using its wireless containment solution. The information showed how severe the country’s contraband issue is, and it also proved that this wireless containment technology is truly efficient. This containment technology was able to prevent over 1.7 illegal communication attempts with in various correctional facilities throughout The United States.


Why You Need Securus At Your Correctional Facility

Individuals who are in the correctional facilities need constant supervision. Apart from that, it is imperative that they are not allowed to have contraband. It is virtually impossible to supervise these dangerous individuals without innovative technical solutions. Securus Technologies is a company that is able to provide true solution. Securus Technologies is dedicated to innovation in correctional facilities; they have been able to help millions of individual with their criminal justice technology.


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