Betsy Devos Is Made of Inner Steel and Determination

Education Secretary Betsy Devos appears soft-spoken, polite, kind, and gracious. To those who know her, however, she is a fighter who is made of steel. People tend to underestimate her because of her public politeness. In private, she will be relentless in her efforts to push her agenda, such as education reform, and will never give up, despite who she is up against. Although she is a relative newcomer to Washington and did not know Donald Trump for very long, she is quick to learn all the inside tricks and has been seeing tremendous success. Mike Cox said that he and others in Michigan found Betsy to be steely and determined when it came to reaching her goals.


She also is not afraid of standing up for her convictions. For example, she disagreed with Donald Trump’s decision to reverse Obama’s policy about the usage of bathrooms by people who identified as transgender. Publicly she did not let on that there was a split in the administration, but privately, she let certain people know that she was opposed to the decision. This would take tremendous courage, especially as she had to face off with the President, the Attorney General, and various other higher-ups in the administration.


Betsy Devos is just as dedicated with her money as she is with her time. She has donated money to various causes and charity, especially for education, in the past few decades. In fact, she and Dick gave around 139 million dollars in charitable donations overall during the course of their lives. Some years they gave more than others. In 2015, they gave 11.6 million dollars to charity.


Both Dick and Betsy come from families that are known for their philanthropic contributions. The Prince family (Prince is Betsy’s maiden name) is a well-known supporter of various charitable causes, and so is the Devos family. The Devos family ended up on the Forbes list of the top givers in 2015, when they gave 104 million dollars altogether in that year. Over the course of their lives, it is estimated that the Devoses’ contributions amount to 1.33 billion dollars.


In 2015, Dick and Betsy Devos gave three million dollars to charitable organizations that supported education, which was over a quarter of their overall charitable spending. They also gave another several hundred thousand dollars to political organizations that supported education reform.


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