Betsy DeVos Had a Rocky Introduction to America but Keep an Eye on Her

Most of the people in Michigan know Betsy DeVos and her family’s name because they have been instrumental in many things. The family donates money to several areas of the state in attempts to revitalize Michigan. Some people know the family because of the generosity shown through their church when they feed people in need. Others know them as the family who battled worker unions and practically dismantled them while others know them as the family that dismantled a large part of the state’s public education system. There is no doubt that Betsy DeVos and her family have been an integral part of Michigan’s existence these last few years mostly due to the insane amount of money they possess.


Still, not many people knew who she was outside of Michigan. The first time people started to pay attention to her was when Donald Trump, the new leader of the country, decided to choose her as Secretary of Education for the United States. The lady did not have experience in this department, which was evident when she could not answer simple questions during her congressional hearing.


Some say that she was chosen because she was a big supporter of Trump, and some believe that President Trump has a soft spot for people who like him. There are some Americans who believe that she will be a pushover in the White House, but those who remember her Michigan days believes she is a hard-headed and religiously-driven political beast with a lot of money to use against political opponents.


One person who warned people not to underestimate Betsy is none other than Mike Cox, who is a famed Republican and a former state attorney general. He said her dedication is strong, and she does not bow down to anyone. This could not be more evident than when she quietly resisted President Trump’s decision not to allow transgender children to choose the restroom they preferred. Of course, not many people heard of this resistance, and she does not want to quarrel with the President publicly.


There are some who worry about her, even if she quietly resisted a controversial move by the President. Some worry that she is going to push school choice on the rest of Americans and hurt public education. There are several families that depend on public education to ensure that their children are educated and have an opportunity for a good future. DeVos wants families to have a choice of going to a public school, religious school, or private school using the voucher system. It should be noted that she does not want to allow the government to oversee private or religious schools to ensure that children are being educated properly. Needless to say, this does not sit well with many educators throughout the country.


Betsy’s introduction to the US was not universally accepted like some of her policies. She went in front of congress and did not answer questions knowledgeably. There was even a point when she talked about schools fighting off grizzly bears using guns. As awkward as that scenario is, she used it to defend a school’s right to have live firearms within their premises.


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