The Knowledge and Know-How of Gregory James Aziz

Businessman and investor Gregory James Aziz has had a storied past. His experiences have helped him build up several industries and save several companies from utter destruction and bankruptcy. His ability to make connections across borders and strategize ways out of conundrums makes him a valuable asset to any company that hires him. Greg Aziz truly is a titan of industry.

Greg Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada and attended the University of Western Ontario until 1971. From there he went to his family’s food company, Affiliated Foods. The first few years of his career were rather uneventful. Once he was in charge of making strategic decisions, however it became clear that he was a step ahead of the rest. He worked tirelessly to expand the supply network for Affiliated Foods from just intracontinental suppliers to suppliers from Europe and South America. He brought in new and exotic foods that customers wanted, and with this attracted more customers from different parts of the globe. When he left after 16 years at Affiliated Foods, the company had been completely transformed into a leader in the foods business.

In the 1980s, Gregory Aziz decided to get into investment banking. Always one who was curious with how businesses worked, he worked with several clients to determine the best needs for their business. However, his heart was not in this business, and he decided to save up his money and purchase a new business to get back in the management game. His target was National Steel Car.

In 1994, Aziz purchased the company, a producer of railcars for railroads and private companies. NSC had been in a slump in recent years. The previous management team did not know how to handle a worsening business environment and left a shell of a company without much capital or value. To keep the company alive, Aziz poured cash into new capital projects and the hiring of additional personnel.


Aziz decided that the old way of doing things would no longer work, and that the company needed to focus on what the customers wanted in order to succeed: quality. Aziz hired new engineers and designers to work with customers and get them the best, safest, and highest-quality railcars that ever came out of National Steel Car. Now NSC is one of the only rolling stock companies left in North America. It had contracts with every major railroad and is doing extremely well. This is all thanks to the knowledge and know-how of Gregory James Aziz. View More Information Here.



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