Roberto Santiago Shows How to Invest.

The population of the world is rapidly growing. Schools are being built and people are adding to their knowledge every day. The more people are graduating from universities and colleges, the more the available vacancies are shrinking. People should not cry and complain to politicians for lack of jobs but rather should come out of their comfort zones and use the acquired knowledge from school to start businesses or any other form of earning some income.

Men of substance like Roberto Santiago have given us some courage to approach the job market with a positive attitude. He has prepared us psychologically that lack of jobs is the stepping stone to find other ways to earn a living. Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa, where he attended Pio X-Marist College. He joined the university center in the same area. He is a graduate in business administration.

Santiago believes that being an entrepreneur is better than working and making profits for others. He started his own Cartonnage Company, where he makes cartons from cardboards. Roberto is a confident entrepreneur and takes challenges as opportunities to be more creative and innovative. When Roberto was venturing into real estate, he was challenged to buy a land and launch the Manaira Mall. He says that business prosperity calls for patience and endurance. He has a testimony to give since his dream took him more than two years to be accomplished.

Roberto Santiago believes in total quality management and he has seen to it that the mall provides outstanding services including Gym, financial services, a game area among others. The mall has the most modern fittings and installations such as air conditioners, soundproofed walls and high-tech music system. Roberto understands that the business prosperity depends on its location. He encourages entrepreneurs to a thorough environmental analysis before starting any business.

Roberto notes that diversification in business will earn more profits and bring confidence in that if one business fails; the entrepreneur can depend on another business. He has opened other malls and owns several corporations. His passion for people has increased the reputation his companies. He has helped a lot of people through the creation of jobs and also participating in charity work. It is through the work of people like Santiago that the economy is growing. He believes that a happy heart has peace and peace is power. He has provided entertainment services to people around Joao.

Roberto Santiago attributes every success to hard work and like they say, hard work pays. Every dream should follow a vision and Santiago is a mentor and a visionary. Santiago`s parting shot is that every entrepreneur should be passionate and committed to the business.


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