Doe Deere Pushed the Envelope on Creativity

When it comes to cosmetics Doe Deere is picking up a lot of steam. She is the cosmetics founder and leader of Lime Crime. Everyone may not be familiar with this brand, but it certainly appears to be coming on strong as one of the best in the industry today. More people are recognizing it as it grows and transforms the cosmetics world.


Doe Deere is well aware that she is different from the mainstream, and this is what she embraces. Few people have been able to make a name for themselves by duplicating the formula that everyone else created. Doe Deere recognized this, and she has made it her goal to let people know just how different she is from the mainstream. This gives people a completely different way to look at how she is evolving with products that may not be found anywhere else.


Few people are able to say that they can find a cosmetics company that also sells hair dye. For most companies this would not seem like a good combination. For Doe Deere, however, it makes perfect sense for people to consider this type of combination because many of her unicorn lipstick colors match the hair diet products that she is bringing to the market. All of this allows Doe Deere to expand the brand and reach a whole new customer base. There are some people that may have never been interested in the Lime Crime cosmetics. There are some people that may not have known about this at all. The fact that she has been able to add hair dye is going to eventually give her a chance to also attract those consumers that may not I have a need for lipstick. This is the best benefit of this type of company with an expanding line of products.


Doe Deere has managed to secure quite a large amount of customers because she has never wavered when it comes to her dedication for creating a brand. She has the ability to attract customers from many different walks of life and this is no coincidence.


There are a long list of products, and this is what gives her a chance to attract many different customers. She has promoted her boyfriend ferociously through her blog and YouTube videos. She has also brought in other guests to give people a better idea of how the product will look if someone other than herself was utilizing these products. All of this has given Doe Deere the ability to change perspectives when it comes to cosmetics. She has shifted forward and really taken ownership of her role as a cosmetics leader. She did not always have this type of power, but in time she became someone that others look to. Her confidence and being different has allowed her to lead without the fear that she is not doing what others are doing. She is someone that has her own ideas and theories so that makes it easier to attract customers.


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