Ara Chackerian on his business ventures and teak farm in Nicaragua

Businessman Ara Chackerian is making a difference in the world investing in the healthcare industry. He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Ara spent over the past 20 years building up healthcare companies in their early stages. He has even co-founded a couple companies himself. These company names are ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx, and TMS Health Solutions.

The angel investor attended Florida State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing in 1991. From there he was ready to take on the world. Ara Chackerian is dedicated to changing the healthcare industry one company at a time. He resided in San Francisco, California where he lives with his wife and his children. The successful entrepreneur also serves on the board of three companies. They include Nor Luyce on the Board of Directors since 2009, at TMS Health Solutions as Director since 2016, and at PipelineRx on the Board of Directors since 2010.

At his current job he is a General Partner, President, and is Co-founder of Limonapa Teak. It is a teak farm based in Nicaragua. This company helps the local community by providing the residents with jobs they really need. They also are environmentally friendly and abide by the highest environmental standards. It was founded in 2010 and has been growing tremendously ever since. Ara Chackerian loves to give back to the community and does so in countries like the United States, Armenia, and Nicaragua. The San Francisco based entrepreneur is more of a whimsical person according to his wife and follows his instincts on projects he is working on. At TMS Health Solutions Ara and his business partner was shown a particular new device that helped treat patients with depression. This incredible device is called transcranial magnetic stimulation, along with talk therapy and medication has blown patients and doctors away. Check out to see more.

Ara Chackerian fully engages himself in life to accomplish his goals. Coaching, strategy, and vision is what drives his daily life. The entrepreneur recommends that carefully choosing your business partners is crucial. Ara has had great partners, and only a few partnerships that did not work out. Looking toward the future Mr. Chackerian continues to live by helping others.

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