Drew Madden: Why Private Investors In Healthcare Are Worried


Drew Madden is an American top professional who is doing so much for the medical field. The businessman is one of the individuals who believe that technology plays a critical role in the success of the activities that are carried out in the medical profession. The businessman is a leader when it comes to the activities that take place in the IT department. Drew Madden represents a group of people who want the best for the medical professional. With individuals like him in the industry, Americans can be prepared of living longer lives because they have access to the best medicine and medical care.


In a recent publication, Drew Madden says that there are two special reports that are making him very worried. According to Drew Madden, these reports were introduced into the market last week, and they have made the people in the healthcare community to be in shock. In one of the reports, one of the giants in the industry, CVS is in the process of purchasing one of the largest health insurance companies in the world, known as Aetna. For the people who have been in the market for a while now, this news is not music. Investors who have interests in the two companies are worried about the new developments.


Drew Madden says that the second report talks about one of the online giants that go by the name Amazon. Drew Madden says that Amazon has announced that it will be getting pharmacy licenses for several states in America so that it can sell its products directly to the consumers in the world. When Drew Madden took a closer look at the Amazon report, he realized that the company wants to sell healthcare equipment to the people who need them. The two reports have a lot of similarities, and they have some relationship. Investors who have business interests in pharmacy and insurance believe that the reports will be unfair if the governments will allow the companies to perform their will. Drew Madden believes that the stakeholders in the two departments should speak about the issue so that the private investors do not suffer.


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