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Gregory James Aziz was probably the most faithful chief executive officer that National Steel Car ever had. He is the reason that this Canadian-based company has dominated the railway manufacturing industry throughout all of North America. His skills in business allowed him to become the chairman of the board at National Steel Car and also act as a liaison between their company and many others.


Greg James Aziz loves the city of Hamilton, Ontario. This was the place of his birth and he always felt a loyalty to this area. Once Gregory J Aziz became chief executive officer at National Steel Car he would move the headquarters of his business here.


Greg Aziz learned many of the wise practices he would utilize in business while he studied for his graduate and undergraduate degrees at Western University. His professors at Western University taught him all he needed to know so that he could take National Steel Car and transform the business.


National Steel Car was nearly 100 years old when Greg Aziz became the chief executive officer. He yearned to see National Steel Car become the first rail car manufacturer to celebrate the Centennial birthday. He would work diligently to make sure that National Steel Car could claim this as their legacy.


1Gregory James Aziz knew that a company could not last for 100 years unless a vision captured the hearts of the people and push them forward with a passion. Gregory James Aziz began to teach the board a vision of innovation. This innovative spirit captured the company.


Gregory James Aziz also make sure that each of his employees was growing in their skills as workers. He brought in experts in efficiency who began to mentor and work with people so that they could become well-versed in these areas.


The third thing that Gregory James Aziz did was focus on a strong business model. Much of his time was spent working with customers and suppliers. By speaking to customers one-on-one he understood their unique needs and could provide products that meet those needs. As he worked with suppliers he was able to keep the prices in the affordable range so that both companies were turning hefty profits.


National Steel Car celebrated that 100th year birthday and Gregory James Aziz was still the CEO. He was proud to stand at the podium and think the company for achieving success.  Get Additional Information Here.

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