Michael Burwell Tops In Financial Sector

With 31 years of experience in professional services and finance, Michael Burwell has held several senior positions in leadership roles. He was the Chief Operating Captain in the United States, leader of global Transformation and also the Leader of Transaction Services in the US. He has 12 years of experience in advisory and transaction services and also 11 years of experience in auditing and helping firms with valuation and pre-merger due diligence


In 1997, Burwell accepted to partner and began PwC’S based exercise in transaction service. From his successful experience in Detroit, he was requested to be the leader of PwCs central area and eventually served as the general leader of United States Transactional Services. He was appointed to be the Chief Financial Officer in 2007 and 2008 he was promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer all over PwC’s company. In 2012, he was appointed to be the Vice Chairman of International and United States Transformation. Michael created the adjustment in his transformation position to optimize organizational efficiency in managing a different group of internal roles such as Global strategic finding, technology, Finance and Human Capital. In his tenure, he served as senior relationship companion on many clients.


After serving for 31 years PwC, Michael was appointed to be the head of Willis Towers Watson in October 2017. He was selected by Global Advisory Reinsurance and Insurance Company to replace Roger Milly the departing Chief Financial Officer. John Haley, the Willis Tower Watson CEO, welcomed Burwell and added that he had become a part of the organization when it was undergoing an evolution. He stated that Michael Burwell would benefit the organization by bringing his skills and knowledge in finance and transaction services and ensure the company achieves its objectives. John Haley also mentioned that he was confident Michael Burwell’s expertise in transformation, transaction, and finance is well well-matched to guide the company in long-term growth and also for achieving its full potential. On the other hand, Burwell stated that he was pleased to join the company and he was committed to bringing more success. Refer to This Article for more information.


Michael is a CPA holder, and he graduated with B.A in Business Administration from Michigan State University. He believed that acquiring this specific degree will open many opportunities for him which proved to be right. He continues to serve the community from his hometown and currently he is on the board of directors for a rehabilitation center in Detroit known as Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center.


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