A day in the life of ER specialist, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency doctor at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, located in Tallahassee, Florida. He is responsible for admission and treatment of myriads of patients who come to seek top of the shelf help seek help from the hospital. He specializes in emergency medicine an area he has proved to be a pro in and handles any patient who needs immediate medical attention.

Eric Forsthoefel is indeed a doctor worth his salt and excels in areas such as resuscitating patients and ensuring that they are stable enough for further treatment. Eric is well versed in treating trauma, sepsis, burns, snake bites, acute coronary syndrome and poisoning as well as any other disease that needs to be treated within the emergency sector.

He also goes the extra mile in making sure that he is aware of the patient’s medical history a factor that has enabled him time and time again to offer proper diagnosis and treatment. It is also his responsibility to determine if a patient needs admission. He understands the essence of team work which is why he walks step by step with other medical staff and coordinates tasks between them to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Educational background

Eric did not wake up a proficient emergency specialist. He had to start somewhere like other professionals and his was a journey that began at the University Of Louisville School of Medicine in 2009 where he emerged with a bachelors in medicine and immediately kick started his career. He however saw the need to help handle emergency cases while working which is why he enrolled for his residency in the same at his previous university.

Ever since then Eric has been an instrumental figure in Tallahassee memorial healthcare and has saved the lives of many through top notch skills.

Additionally, he is a fully certified professional which gives his patients even more reasons to trust him. For instance he is fully accredited by the American Board of Emergency Board as an emergency practitioner and holds an LA state license which he secured in 2013.


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