As Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos Seeks Change On Federal Level

When Donald Trump won the nomination of the Republican Party, people around the world thought that surely this was something that couldn’t last. Then the 2016 Presidential Election happened and Donald Trump won the Presidency. What Donald Trump made abundantly clear with his run to the White House was this: the United States of America was ready for a change. Trump ran on a campaign that focused on outsider politics, nationalistic pride, and an inward focus on improving the country. Upon taking office, President Trump staffed his administration with professionals from outside of the political lines in order to try and bring his vision to reality. Among those various nominations was Betsy DeVos, selected to lead the Department of Education as the Secretary of Education. Who is Betsy DeVos? What is she going to be bringing to the world of education?


If you were to sit down across a table from Betsy DeVos in order to talk policy, you would quickly find that she is soft-spoken but razor-sharp with her choices. Betsy DeVos touts herself as a reformer and she firmly believes in enacting change that will benefit the world around her. In fact, for nearly 30 years now, Betsy DeVos has been one of the loudest voices in the realm of education reform for conservatives. While members of the right and left have both been touting education reform as a core policy, so few politicians have actually done anything in order to enact any real change. DeVos comes into the White House, albeit through a narrow Senate confirmation hearing, ready to bring change in a real way. Perhaps the only real change to come to education will be handled by an administration that nobody thought would ever make it to the White House.


In the state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos’ name surely means something. DeVos, born Betsy Prince, comes from a wealthy family that made its mark in a variety of different ways. Betsy would marry Dick DeVos, heir to the Amway fortune, and the duo would quickly become a power-couple in Michigan’s political scene. Dick DeVos would run as a Republican for Governor while Betsy DeVos became active on several different boards, eventually even becoming the Chairwoman of Michigan’s Republican Committee. Despite not having held office on the federal level, Betsy and her husband both showed a real commitment to conservative values. They also showed that they were willing to fight for something that they truly believed in: education reform.


Betsy DeVos is most commonly linked with the concept of ‘school choice‘. School choice is a topic that was made popular by the works of Milton Friedman, nearly fifty years ago. Nowadays, school choice is more regularly attached to Betsy DeVos. DeVos, like many conservatives, believes that there needs to be more freedom granted to families as they pursue education. DeVos, perhaps ironically, is now in a position where she can peel back some of the government intervention into the education realm that has so chafed conservatives for years.


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