Why Waiakea Water is Considered Premium

The bottled water company is among the booming businesses in the world. It is worth $100 billion across the globe. In the beginning, it seemed like a laughable idea. Today, when you go shopping, you are confused on the type that is best for you in the market. They are many spiced up adverts that the companies have come up with to attract traffic to their products. However, what you should be concerned with as a consumer is finding out what the real truth about the products is.

The Waiakea Water is among the bottled water companies in the industry. The owner of the firm says that penetrating in the market was not easy because elder business people dominate it. Nevertheless, through his great deeds of minding the welfare of the community in all angles, he has made a name for his brand.

Among the reasons that Waiakea water is considered premium is that the pH of the water is designed to see that it does not upset the health of the user. It’s critical to take caution because some beverages are using machines and other ways to raise the pH of their products. The other factor is that the water brand is utterly refreshing. It is pure volcanic water.

The Waiakea brand has also dominated the charity news headlines. Their competitors are beginning to feel irritated by the bar the Waiakea water has set for them. To start with, 3 % of their revenue is set aside to help the charity organizations in the community. As if that is not enough, they provide Malawi with a whole week of clean water for every litre of water that is sold. They are also digging wells in Africa to curb the water shortages.

The last thing that they have done is the introduction of a decomposable water bottle. We have seen the bottled company destroy the firm with the million plastic bottles in the environment. Besides the consumers being careless in disposing of their waste, the fact that the plastic water bottle is inorganic has contributed to the degradation of the environment. The bottle the Waiakea Water has introduced will only take 15 years to decay.


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