The Legendary Investment Banker – Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba in Brazil in the year 1947. Igor joined the Brazilian education system and later joined the university. He joined the Federal University of Panama and enrolled an engineering course. Coincidently, this was the only university that was offering engineering as of 1965. Getting admitted at the school was a bit challenging, so he opted out after two years and gave a shot at economics.

He completed his course in 1970 and began working at an investment bank.

Igor worked hard and eventually gained some incredible skills in computing and calculators. As a result, he was eventually promoted and became an investment manager. As fate would have it,Igor Cornelsen was appointed to the board of directors of the Multibanco board of directors. Later, he was tried his chances in bigger companies and banks.

Libra Bank PLC a London based bank hired him and made him a manager. Interestingly, his salary was in US dollars. He is said to have exploited this opportunity and exchanged money for his friends. He later moved to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He worked as a director and a regional representative for Brazil. A career spanning about seven years was marked by tremendous success. In 1995,Cornelsen left Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and started working in his own firm.

His firm specialized in offering investment advice. This motivation was derived from his experience as an investment manager at several banks. He says that he starts his days at San Paulo in the morning when London markets are opening. He then studies international news and trading companies. He is then able to understand what positions to advice his customers on during the day.

Igor says that by following economies, he is able to improve his investment portfolios. He also sells assets that are based in countries that are in bad political shape.

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