JD.Com Makes A Move Towards A Greener Planet


Ever wondered what would happen if the largest retailers in the world would adopt an environmentally friendly way to package their goods? Well, JD.com; China’s largest online shopping establishment, also referred to as Jingdong Mall is not one to be scared of such bold moves.

In recent times, Jingdong Mall has adopted plans to use reusable packaging for their mini and midi sized goods. It’s also the delight of environmentally conscious customers all over the world. The move aims at reducing expenditure, and most importantly environmental conservation. Approximately 350 RMB and more will be saved if JD.com successfully implements this.


How Will It Work?

Realistically speaking, what happens to that box where your jewelry comes in once you buy it or order online? Most likely it ends up in the trash. For shoppers in JD.com, these jewelry boxes and all other boxes that carry their orders are no longer trash, but a probable source of another purchase, this time, earned through loyalty points.

Jingdong Mall aims at recovering their boxes for reuse through a system of ‘reward for work well done’. This organization will award its customers who return the green boxes with loyalty points. These points upon accumulation can earn a discount or better purchase another order. Now, who wouldn’t want to send back their boxes? View Additional Info Here.

According to JD logistics’ head of planning and development, Bing Fu, that’s the company’s move towards the reduction of e-commerce waste. By using this green packaging, and taking part in various innovative programs for recycling, clients at JD.com can now enjoy the convenience of online platform while knowing their products have small carbon emissions.


What Else Is The Company Doing For The Environment?

In another move for a greener environment, Jingdong Mall has also replaced its fleet of carbon-emitting vehicles with ones that are hydrogen-powered; hence reducing the carbon emission that can be attributed to the company. In addition to that, their efforts towards a carbon-free transaction process do not stop there. In the mid of this year, JD launched solar powered trucks that would ply via the Beijing city. Thus, JD Logistics is giving China a new name, considering China is currently the leading country in environmental pollution in the world.


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