Jojo Hedaya: Improving Emailing Experience


Email subscriptions are lifesavers in an ideal world. However, they are one-step to chaos to an email address inbox. According to many types of research done, spam emails are one of the main distractions. Seeing important email has become impossible over the years. One person, Jojo Hedaya, is challenging this scenario. He is on a mission to make what an email inbox is supposed to be, the haven to important emails. In the past five years, the 24 years old has been on a journey to make your inbox great again. Through Unroll.Me, the CEO has been able to help millions of people in restoring simplicity back to their mailing life.


What inspired Jojo Hedaya to go in this particular direction? Just like every user, Hedaya was frustrated by constant subscriptions emails and unexpected newsletters from entities he had no interests. He points out that the traditional way to filter the inbox by use of spam option was a catalyst to disaster. He was occasionally missing important emails through spam. This frustration was the beginning of this brilliant journey of simplifying and adding value to inbox. The system Hedaya designed has a brilliant approach to classifying emails. As a system that is for making the inbox neat, it classifies all the subscriptions and other less important emails to one specific email- The Rollup.


What is the importance of ‘The Rollup’? First, Jojo Hedaya points out that this is one-step to productivity. As much as the subscriptions are important, they are the greatest distraction. The system allows the user to select a specific time to review the subscriptions preferably after the productivity hours. Second, the system according to Hedaya is also critical in making sure that the user sees and responds to those important emails on time. With this system, one does not need to worry about losing crucial email through spams classification.


The City University of New York (Brooklyn College) graduate is one of the youngest CEOs in the vast technology world. Since 2011, he has been on the forefront at solving emailing dilemma most people and institutions deal with in the course of working. Get Additional Information Here.


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