Robert Deignan’s Daily Entrepreneur Routine

Many people change their careers over their lifetimes for many reasons. They may lose their interest, get injured to the point where they cannot continue, or they may run out of finances. Whatever reason they change career, it tends to have a positive outcome for people. Robert Deignan has a bright future when it came to football. He received a full football scholarship to Purdue University. Robert graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Science in business management. After college Mr. Deignan play football for a few professional teams including the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins.


Robert Deignan also has a passion for business and wanted to become an entrepreneur, so he started his own company called Fanlink, Inc. This would be the beginning the a long and successful career as an entrepreneur. Now Robert is the chief executive officer and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. The CEO had a real talent when it came to working with computers and software. He started working for other companies which specialized in creating anti-malware software. The only problem was they were having a hard time installing it on client’s computers without having a lot of issue pop up. Robert and his business colleagues devised a plan to start their own company that would provide technical support for people remotely. A typical day for the business owner starts precariously early in the morning, at 5:15am.


He stumbles out of bed and goes to the gym to get a good workout with a buddy. After his workout, Robert goes home get ready for work, and arrives at the office at 8:20am. This is a time of strategizing, planning, and going over the numbers from the previous day. The work day ends at 6:30pm. Family time ensues, then puts his kid to bed. Afterwards, he takes a minute to himself to watch a television. Even though Robert is a tech oriented businessman, he comes up with his best ideas when he is away from a computer and in nature. This includes sitting in his backyard with a nice cup of coffee, watching the day unfold.

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