Malcolm CasSelle is changing the Online Gaming Industry using Blockchain Technology

Malcolm CasSelle is a big name in the tech industry. He is the President, CIO, Strategic Advisor at OpSkins and Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and he has built a successful career in the tech industry spearheading major technological advancement efforts. He is an entrepreneur like no other with an interest in upcoming companies. He took interest in huge companies today in their infancy stages. Mr. CasSelle invested early in companies such as Facebook and Zynga.

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle introduced cryptocurrencies to the online gaming industry. According to him, blockchain technology has opened up many opportunities for WAX. He has made possible for online gamers to make secure transactions conveniently selling and buying gaming items through WAX and OPSkins. WAX is a decentralized platform for the development of in-game virtual item exchanges securely and transparently on the blockchain

Prior to joining WAX, Mr. CasSelle served as President of New Ventures and CTO at tronc, Inc. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President as well as General Manager, Digital Medial at Seachange International, a company that acquired Timeline Labs where he served as CEO. Early on, CasSelle worked in various upcoming companies and contributed to their growth significantly. Some of the companies include Xfire, MediaPass and a joint venture of Groupon and Tencent in China.

In 2012, Malcolm CasSelle developed an interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency as an emerging sector. He joined many bitcoin mining projects and invested heavily in companies such as Blockchain Capital Partners, BTC China, GOCoin and many others. He also invested in Mastercoin and OMNI.

There is no doubt the co-founder of both WAX and OPSkins is an accomplished digital entrepreneur and big advocate for long-time cryptocurrency. He has made OPSkins to grow to become one of the biggest platforms accepting bitcoin. Through WAX and OPSkins, Malcolm has significantly improved the experience of online gamers. The players now can make purchases transparently, conveniently and securely. He anticipates to come up with solutions to make ways for gamers to be unique online. Simply put, when it comes to online gaming, it’s about style and swagger. WAX has worked to make that happen using blockchain solutions. The industry continues to boom as players continue improving their look online.

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