Nick Vertucci’s History on the Real Estate Industry

It is not well known, but Nick Vertucci is a successful poker player. He is known for competing against famous poker player such as David Benyamine. Additionally, he has sat in tables with famous people such as Jennifer Tilly. Nick Vertucci’s playing history goes back to even before he was a leader in the real estate industry. He played in his major tournament in 2004, the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championship in commerce, CA where he was in position 8 out of 251. He walked away with $7,530 after buying in $1,500.

Over the years, Vertucci has improved his game in poker while still growing his skills and growing wealth in the real estate showing his winning skills in both fields. He used skills such as his ability to read others, intelligent bluffing, adaptability, emotional control and confidence to win in the areas.

Nick Vertucci has perfected his skills over the past 15 years, and his participation in tournaments has grown. He has participated in competitions that are recognized internationally such as; World Series of Poker, World Poker Tournament, Live at the Bike, and Poker After Dark. This participation has improved his rankings. Texas Hold’em happens to be his game of choice

In 2016, he participated in one of the biggest tournaments of his career, the World Series of poker and ranked 828th after winning $2,532. Putting into consideration that he is a part-time player, the assumption that his skills come naturally is made.

Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci is a well-known and respected real estate investor who has built a name for himself by dealing with homes in Orange County, California. In 2014, Nick came up with the NVREA, which gives chances to people in need to learn about the Real Estate Industry.

As an Author

Nick Vertucci released his first book, Seven-figure Decision: Having the Balls to Succeed in 2018. The book is a story about how he was able to beat the odds and achieve a lot. It covers information about his strategy in helping inspiring investors in the real estate industry and entrepreneurs for them to be successful.

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