JD.com’s Drone Launch In Indonesia


JD.Com is China’s largest retailer in several products. It has specialized mostly in online retailing services. The institute got popularity and growth very fast in China compared to the available retail stores. This company conducts various research concerning online retailing services and products. The most recent research showed that the Chinese people are quickly adopting into online retailing even more than the people in the USA. The research showed that 15% of the people in China use the online retailing program to get their grocery, compared to the 9% of the people recorded in the USA.

JD.com’s Drone Flight

JD.Com has decided to become better in its delivery services. It has therefore opted to start using a drone to deliver its products. JD decided to do a pilot project that will see that the drone flight exercise is successful. On 8 January 2019, the activity was carried out to show that there was a success when a drone is used. The drone test was carried out in Indonesia at West Java.

This drone was directed to fly over the Jagabita village. The flight was overseen by some people and customers that use JD.Com. All the customers were delighted to see the drone take off and head towards its delivery destination which was MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary school.

The items that were delivered by this drone were among the most massive supplies that have ever been made by JD.Com to a school set up. Therefore this marked the beginning of drone use as a better exercise that will lead to large delivery of the orders that will be made by various customers. Another advantage of using the drone is that there will be quick delivery of the products ordered by the customers. This will ensure that all the customers get the products in time and use them for the intended purposes. Refer to This Article for additional information.


JD.Com is a platform that tries to get better every day. Therefore all the innovations that the company makes are to ensure that there are smooth and easy exercises when requesting for products from JD.Com by customers.


Additional reference article: https://www.investing.com/equities/jd.com-inc-adr


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