Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

Gino Pozzo and the football club

Gino Pozzo is a passionate footballer and owner of a great football club. He developed his love for football since his childhood. Gino Pozzo’s father loved football, and when he got enough profit, he decided to buy Udinese club in 1986. The family has therefore been regarded as the lovers of football. This is the same family he was born and raised all his youthful years. Also, he was related to the president of Udinese club through his mother.

He went to the states to pursue his master’s degree from Harvard University before marrying a Catalan. He then migrated to Spain and lived there for 20 years. He later immigrated to London together with his wifeand the three children. He came to be more directly involved in the operation of the football club. He wanted to manage the newly acquired football club at Vicarage Road.

Pizzo and the Watford club

Gino Pizzo’s family purchased the club after struggling to climb the ladder in the fourth division. They last won in the 1980s. Gino, therefore, moved his family to London so that he could manage the club closely. He was focused on the long term success of the club despite the challenges. He placed the Watford club on top of his agenda.

He has, therefore, managed the club to the current position it is now. He is the only family that owned football clubs in three countries at the same time. This has earned him an excellent reputation in the region. He later sold the club once it became top on the fourth division and decided to concentrate on the club in Udinese. He, therefore, manages this club and anticipates for better performance.

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