The Formidable Career Life Of Tim Ioannides And His Rise To Success


Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology and has been serving as the Managing Director of the firm for the past 15 years. The company works from various locations throughout the country, mainly focusing on proactive measures on medical administration.


He obtained his degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine and an internship at the University of Florida. He is a board member of various committees such as the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Mohs Surgery.


Apart from his business ventures, Tim Ioannides is compassionate in giving back to the community by extending donations to charitable organizations. He is also a Dermatologic voluntary Professor, educating students on related surgeries in the University of Miami.


When asked about where the idea of establishing his company came from, he narrated his employment at the cosmetic surgery shop. After his residency, he enrolled on a job as a dermatologist on a clinic owned by a plastic surgeon. It is during this time that he noticed that the surgeon specialized in the cosmetic part of the operation rather than the medical side.


This created an opportunity for him as he was not mainly focused on administering cosmetic surgery to patients but quality medical care to people with skin disorders. Ioannides occasionally performed cosmetic operations to acquire finance to stabilize the business.


In most cases, people tend to forget the impact of generating new ideas, but for Tim Ioannides, he regards new plans as part of the growth of the business. Therefore, he works to make the company the best place to work in by frequently training his staff on upcoming methods of treatment. Visit This Page for additional information.


Tim also practices unique ways of administration in his treatment. He makes sure that he diagnoses his patients as well as building their relationship by frequent visits. He is eager to learn new ways of treatment especially skin cancer. This enhances substantial growth of the firm and a way of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service.


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