Matthew Fleeger-Financial Manager, Business Administrator, and CEO Of Gulf Coast Western Company

Matthew Fleeger is the current chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. This is a company that deals with gas reserves and domestic oil in the Gulf Coast region. Gulf Coast western is also known as joint ventures since it holds general partnerships and managing a venture of gas and oil. The organization through its leaders have managed to combine resources, industry expertise, experience, and talent in order to explore, acquire and develop domestic gas and oil. Matthew Fleeger went to Southern Methodist University, Cox school of business and he acquired a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After he was done with his education, he immediately began getting attached to oil and gas companies where he improved his proficiency in marketing and finance. He has thereby worked effectively and efficiently and he gained himself a good level of experience that he is now very competitive in the industry.

An international business professional listed in the international who’s who, Matthew Fleeger has pushed the company forward greatly. He is recognized as the highest experienced and expertise in waste management, oil and gas and also in tanning industries. He is also well known for his competence in contract negotiation, team building, entrepreneurial abilities and also strategic planning.

On before he began working in the oil and gas company, he was the founder of Med solutions. This is a company that specializes in disposal, treatment, and transportation of waste products from healthcare companies. He worked there as the chief executive officer and also as the president for atleast13 years. It’s after Med Solutions developed well and was successfully stable enough that Matthew Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle. This is a company known as the leader in the industry of waste management.

Similarly, Matthew Fleeger was a very successful entrepreneur in the tanning industry. He helped two companies Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan in raising their revenues incredibly. The combined revenue for the two companies was approximately 100 million dollars. Palm beach tan was developed from a small six-store operation and grew into one of the largest tanning organization in the country. Mystic, on the other hand, was helped to grow into one of the largest sprays on tanning in the world.

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