National Steel Car is Led By a Legend

The party was going wonderfully, and the champagne was flowing freely. The company had just celebrated the fact that they have been valued at over $63 billion, and the man they have to thank was the chief executive officer Gregory James Aziz.


Greg James Aziz has been a gift to National Steel Car. During his time there, he has achieved many things that were thought impossible. It was the accomplishment of these impossible tasks that earned him the title of “legendary businessman.”


When he first took the helm of National Steel Car it was during a time when the United States of America and Canada were looking at pass tougher environmental regulations. This, of course, had stock investors extremely worried and they were hesitant to invest his company. The only way to ensure that they would be able to get investors would be to become more environmentally friendly. United Technologies Corporation achieved this by lowering their gas emissions by 26% and also the water consumption by 53%.


The next thing Greg Aziz did to help National Steel Car was to stabilize the company. When he first took over as CEO, it was at a time when the market was quite unstable. Aziz knew that stockholders would be scared to continue investing if they thought the company was going to lose funds. To gain their confidence, he decided the best course of action would be to acquire several other businesses that have merchandise in similar but different industries. Then he could use the profits from the other sectors to offset the deficit the main area of business.


He first began by acquiring the aerospace company Pratt & Whitney and gaining their military contracts. This gave National Steel Car a foothold in the government world and allowed them to expand from Canada into the United States of America.


The next company he acquired allowed them the branch out and transport heating and air-conditioning equipment. To make this happen, he had to acquire the company, Otis. Click Here to learn more.


The last move that Greg Aziz made was the real game changer. He was able to acquire the aerospace contracts from the United Technologies Corporation and their subsidiary Goodrich. Those contracts alone were worth $3 billion.


Through smart business practices such as these, Greg Aziz was able to not only bring National Steel Car into its first 100 years of business but could guarantee 100 years more.

National Steel Car Lives on for Generations

Everyone in the room at the National Steel Car meeting was applauding Greg Aziz because he had just become the hero. It was a time of tension and nervousness within the railway industry. On the news channels that morning was the announcement that the Canadian government had reached out to the Americans to join forces and past the strictest regulations that the railway industry had ever known. No one thought they would go for that specific option since that would result in countrywide job loss. However, the governments had decided to go with the option since the Obama administration highly favored green energy. Many people in the rail industry were now nervous that they would lose their jobs either to layoffs or corporate mergers.


Gregory James Aziz was there to tell them that these worries were unfounded. He went on to explain to them that National Steel Car would not be laying off the workforce during this time. Instead, National Steel Car would be expanding their workforce because they were one of only two companies that were still able to compete. This news, of course, confused the workforce as they had no idea why National Steel Car was able to compete with these new stricter regulations in place.


Greg James Aziz then began explaining how National Steel Car had developed a secret railcar that was capable of functioning should the government pass regulations that made their older cars obsolete.


This new secret railcar was created by National Steel Car’s engineers at a secret factory that was built in Michigan. This new railcar was capable of using 90% less emissions while also traveling twice as far. In addition to this, it was capable of using 50% less water and use all recycled material.

Greg Aziz then spelled out for them as clearly as he could what this meant for the company. 85% of rail companies could no longer compete underneath these new regulations. This meant that there were mass layoffs and corporate mergers. However, National Steel Car was able to not only run their cars underneath the new regulations, but they were able to travel between country lines whereas no other company could. Get More Information Here.


This new railcar allowed National Steel Car to dominate the complete railway industry. The received billion-dollar contracts from multiple businesses. This gave National Steel Car the longevity they needed to cross the 100-year mark in the business. The company can then expect another TTX SECO award which they have consistently received for over a decade.



An Organization For Architects: American Institute of Architects

     The leading organization for licensed architects, American Institute of Architects, has its main headquarters in Washington, D.C., and is currently headed up by Robert Ivy as the Chief Executive Officer, and Thomas V. Vonier as President, with a Board of Directors governing operations. The organization has over 260 worldwide chapters, which includes over 90,000 members. The organization is classified as a nonprofit, they employ over 200 full-time staffers.

The AIA was founded in 1857, this was done by 13 original members, their goal was to elevate the standing of the architecture profession. Richard Upjohn, who was famous for designing Gothic Revival churches, served as the organization’s, first president.

The AIA promotes ethical practice amongst architects and requires its members to adhere to high ethical standards. The organization promotes quality in design and high achievements amongst its members. They present awards for excellence in the architect profession. They also offer over 100 contracts and forms to be used in the architecture and building field.

Amongst the 90,000 members of the AIA there are five different levels for their members. These different levels include licensed architects, as well as other professionals who work in fields related to the architecture profession. Being a member of the AIA can bring numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include the connection to other members to help share knowledge and ideas amongst each other, as well as sharing the dedication to the profession.

The AIA supports all members in their various projects and works to help them maintain the highest levels of success. The AIA hosts many architectural conferences through the year, including the annual AIA Conference on Architecture. This is considered to be a premier event and conference for Architects. The conference includes guest speakers, ideas for continuing education, gatherings for networking, and architect lead tours.

The AIA is important to architects, it helps them maintain ethics and standards with complete professionalism. They also advocate for the architecture profession. The AIA conducts market research thus contributing ideas that factor in the economics that influence architecture.

The AIA is a key organization in the architecture field as a leading advocate for architects. They make sure the professionals stay well trained and keep up to date documentation on the latest building codes.

Penn West Ltd Changes Name To Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy Ltd was previously the Penn West Exploration Ltd until 26 June 2017. The company is Canadian, medium-sized, producer of oil and natural gas and located in Calgary, Alberta. The firm for a while was among the Toronto Stock Exchange of the top sixty largest companies. It became a Canadian Royalty Trust from 2005 to 2011 reaching its highest market target of about $9.5 billion in 2008. The firm’s areas of production are Peace River oil sands, the Pembina Cardium and the Alberta Viking.


Obsidian Energy has a balanced and quality asset portfolio producing about 30,000 boes daily. The assets environment fosters quality results and business spirit needed for industrial success.


The company in 2017 officially changed the name to Obsidian Energy Ltd from Penn West Petroleum Ltd due to significant reconstructions in the organization and business aspects to reemerge stronger and capable considering its previous survival of debts and scandals.


The Penn West shareholders approved the name change pursuing consistent progress over the years with budgets tied to the oil and gas prices. The shareholders voted 92 percent in favor of the name change. Dave French, the company’s CEO mentioned that the name change to Obsidian Energy was because obsidian is a volcanic gas that occurs naturally and is easy to sharpen and hone. Read this Article to learn more about Obsidian.


The name change was effective immediately, and the company’s stock symbol also replaced with OBE on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchange with no stakeholder’s action needed.


The CEO of the company announced that the new company was going to run on three principles of disciplined technical and commercial decision making to grow and guard the innovation and progress, the value of an enterprise, accountability to stakeholders, partners and the entire community. Obsidian has right assets, sensible hedging strategy, healthy balance sheet to enable the firm to perform even in lower price environments.


Apart from the change of the name, the shareholders officiated all resolutions listed in the 2017 annual information circular Concerning the appointment of an auditor, election of directors, advisory vote to executive compensation, approval of the amendment to restricted share unit plan, name change to Obsidian Energy, and reduction in accounting share capital.



lders and Environmental Needs is Understanding Both SharehoPushing Obsidian Energy to Success

Canada boasts of multiple gas and oil companies that are both profitable and successful. One such firm is Obsidian Energy. Obsidian energy is a mid-level producer of gas and oil. Currently, Obsidian energy has invested in the exploration and drilling of oil that has seen the company produce an average of 30,000 barrels of oil every day.


The driving factor behind the success of Obsidian Energy is the entrepreneurial spirit and mentality of the executives running the company. Over the years, Obsidian Energy has been consistently delivering high returns on investments to its shareholders; this possible is the presence of a diversified portfolio that the oil firm invests in.


Obsidian Energy is also known to balance its assets so that the company can achieve beyond exertional results. Unlike other oil companies that are run with the sole intention of making profits for shareholders, Obsidian Energy takes a different approach.


Looking at the regions in which Obsidian Energy operates, one thing is evident; this is the attention to environmental conservation and protection. Obsidian strives to ensure that all its activities bring minimal harm to the ecosystem. With ecological preservation being paramount to the company, Obsidian has forged relationships and various partnerships with members of the communities in the regions they undertake their operations with the purpose of working in harmony while addressing multiple environmental concerns.


Accountability, discipline, and commitment highlight the personalities of the personnel working at Obsidian Energy. Before using Obsidian Energy as the company’s brand name, the Canadian oil and gas explorer went by the name Penn West. The stakeholders and the company’s executives decided on a change to the company’s brand name, the motive behind it was to usher in a new and improved framework through which the company could conduct its mandate. See This Article to Learn More.


David L French is Obsidian Energy’s current president and chief executive officer. David French is an expert in his line of work. He has acquired the relevant skills and experience needed to oversee the functions of Obsidian Energy. Over the years, David L. French has worked on various executive roles in different companies, a perfect example being Banker Petroleum Limited, at this firm, he served as both the president and CEO.


The Impressive Life Of Matt Badiali

     Matt Badiali is an expert in a number of industries, including agriculture, mining and energy. He is also a frequent contributor to the publication Banyan Hill. Below we will discuss Badiali’s career, his contributions to Banyan Hill and other interesting information.

A Little Background Info On Matt Badiali

Badiali is a geologist at heart. He loves geology and he has studied natural resources for over 20 years. He enjoys travelling and his research has taken many places around the world, including Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Yukon, Singapore and even the Mexican desert to name a few.

Work Experience

Badiali has an impressive work history, which includes his time teaching at Duke University, as well as the University of North Carolina. It was at the University of North Carolina when he was contacted by a financial expert who wanted his help on a project. He joined the expert’s team, where he served as the geologist. His job was to travel to the world and visit certain companies, where he made sure what those companies said on paper was true at the site. Part of his duties included assessing samples from gold mines, as well as analyzing field maps and watching oil wells when they were operating.

He has also worked as a geologist at Lemenze Environmental Drilling. He is a geologist and analyst at Stansberry and Associates.

Banyan Hill

As previously mentioned, Badiali is a contributor at Banyan Hill. He often writes about the industries he is an expert on. For example, he published an article about why copper shouldn’t be ignored and how a popular car manufacturer can’t make electric cars without using copper. He also writes articles on when you should make certain investments, such as gold.

Social Media

Badiali has an active presence on social media. On Twitter, he enjoys sharing work related photos and articles that he has written. He also posts similar content on Facebook and Google Plus. The content and posts he shares are usually informative and are valuable.

If you are interested in learning more about Matt Badiali, then feel free to visit his official website. You can also read his articles on Banyan Hill or you can follow him on social media.


Experts at copper giant Codelco, the Chilean state-owned mining company, believe the red metal could hit $10,000 per…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, November 3, 2017

How Lori Senecal Progressed in the Corporate World to Become a Renowned Leader.

Lori Senecal is a businesswoman who rose through ranks while pursuing her career in several organizations. She is a resourceful individual with knowledge and skills in sales and marketing. Her efforts and hard work as an employee made her secure several job opportunities including a top managerial position at Crispin Porter and Bogusky Advertising Agency. Lori Senecal earns an incredible reputation for her outstanding performance in the corporate world. The entrepreneur is a Canadian who attended the University of McGill to pursue her undergraduate education. She acquired a degree in sales and marketing from the university and later worked as a representative of renowned brands including Nabisco, Weight Watchers, Nestle, Molson, Staples, Applebee’s Inbev and Xbox among others.

The businesswoman was previously an employee of Coca-Cola Company before joining DDB Worldwide Communicates, where she served as a sales and marketing manager. Lori later left the firm to work with McCann Erickson Worldwide and was further absorbed by McCann Worldgroup. Lori Senecal advanced in her career and joined Kirshenbaum Bond Partners where she had several managerial positions. She then resigned from the firm to serve MDC Partners Network as president. The entrepreneur got an employment opportunity at Crispin Porter and Bogusky in 2015.

According to Campaignlive, the Canadian has been serving CP&B as a chief executive officer in charge of branches within the firm. The company has ten international offices in several continents across the globe. It acts as a sales and marketing agency for its client. Lori Senecal’s stewardship increased the production yield of the company to become a massive global advertising corporation. The company prides itself on being an inventive and a collaborative firm, which earns them an incredible reputation in the corporate world. The businesswoman is highly respected for enabling the organization to come into collaboration with American Airlines. CP&B is a recipient of the Agency to Watch Executive award presented in 2016. The Canadian was privileged to be listed among the Women to Watch in 2014, for her outstanding leadership skills. She primarily focuses on integrated marketing, designing brands and data analysis. Lori Senecal is looking forward to stepping down from Crispin Porter and Bogusky Advertising Agency, before 2017 collapses. You can visit her Twitter account

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Jeremy Goldstein- The corporate governance Advisor

Jeremy Goldstein is known for his legal prowess in corporate compensation issues. As such, many organizations rely on his advice for their institutional decisions. He is the co-founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC law firm. His law firm specializes in advising employers on issues pertaining employee compensation. The company also informed various top management teams of the financial decisions that they make.


As part of his advice, he has presented his ideas on the importance of knockout options. He states that knockout options are an excellent replacement for stock options. Knockouts help in improving the profit margins of organizations. Jeremy says that knockout possibilities may offer additional wages and promote equity in corporations. A drop in stock value will adversely affect ways in which employees exercise stock options. On the contrary, knockouts tend to control how to disperse profits. As such, whenever an institution records a stock value drop, employees do not receive benefits. Therefore, knockouts act to reduce the effects of overhangs on various businesses.


Knockouts also work to eradicate accounting burden which may result from stock options. Jeremy states that, contrary to stock options, knockouts benefit both employees and businesses. With knockouts, employers can control financial woes. The control is because employees lose knockouts if the share value falls under a specific amount in an organization.


A reduction in accounting costs can also happen when using knockouts. Jeremy also believes that non-employee investors will not face risks of overhangs if companies perform knockouts. Further, earnings will be reflected more accurately hence attracting more shareholders to companies.


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The Impact of Reverse Showrooming Technique on Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics fashion brand is on the verge of making e-commerce history. The innovative online subscription-based brand grew its valuation to $250M in just three years. The brands’ unprecedented success is attributed to a robust marketing strategy and unique customer care approach developed by the founders, Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


Paul Armstrong, a Forbes contributor, penned an insightful read where he talked about the exact techniques used by Fabletics. According to Paul, Fabletics doesn’t conduct its affairs like the other retail brands in the market. Fabletics insists on selling high value and competitively priced products. Additionally, the brand pays a great deal of emphasis on branding and customer experience.


Fabletics strives to replicate the success models used by the world’s leading high-value brands like Warby Parker, Amazon, and Apple. This fashion company targets to expand both, its online membership and, physical presences in the nation. As of 2016, Kate Hudson’s startup had 16 stores up and running in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois.


3 Unique Approaches by Fabletics


Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics General Manager, reveals the secret behind the triple-digit growth at Fabletics. For starters, the brand provides the latest high-end fashion at half the cost of their closest competitors, Gregg notes on Forbes. The startup has developed three unique strategies to run their existing physical stores.


Defining Reverse Showrooming


One of the unique approaches Fabletics uses to draw in more fashion shoppers to their physical stores is known as reverse showrooming. Reverse showrooming is responsible for ramping up the membership of Fabletics by an estimated 25%. The ingenious method aims to discourage the practice where shoppers step into traditional brick-and-mortar fashion stores only to window shop. Once these consumers find an apparel they love, they proceed to look it up on the Amazon’s leading fashion outlets.


What Fabletics does is that it collects the personal information of all the prospective shoppers who walk into their physical stores. Fabletics then uses that information to legally track and monitor the digital imprints of the consumer. The fashion brand is then able to make fashion recommendations to consumers based on the social media fashion groups, blogs, and websites they frequent.


Click here to learn about the two remaining unique strategies that are propelling Fabletics to the big leagues.


Lifestyle Quiz


For a modest price of $49.95 per month, Fabletics’ members receive tailor-made fashion suggestions straight to their email accounts. New members are encouraged to attempt a simple six-step lifestyle quiz provided at the brand’s official online store. The lifestyle quiz serves to furnish Fabletics with vital information about your preferred footwear and sportswear.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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The Success Story of Gregory Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car Company

Greg Aziz is the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car, one of the global leaders in railroad freight car manufacturing. It is based in Hamilton, Ontario.

The company has an experience in the engineering and manufacturing industry stretching more than a century, and are committed to offering quality services. It is their dedication that has earned National Steel Car a place in U.S leading railroad freight and car manufacturers.


Career Life


After completing his education, Gregory J Aziz joined their family-owned business, Affiliated Foods in 1971. Within 16 years, the company had grown to become a global importer of fresh food items in South America, as well as in Europe, with supply channels to major food markets in the U.S and Canada.

In 1994, he got his breakthrough into the engineering and manufacturing industry. He acquired the National Steel Car from Dofasco, after working in several investment banking opportunities in the late 80s to early 90s. Once Gregory J Aziz purchased the company, he had one objective; to elevate the status of Canada’s leading company into United States’ leader in the railroad freight car manufacturing by paying special regard to the firm’s reputable engineering prowess, team-building and through strategic investments in human and financial resources.


“We are always challenging ourselves and raising the bar with persistence. We know the best way to focus our strengths on a stand-alone efficiency in the rail industry. Due to our deep focus on our purpose and dedication to our core values, we have created a long chain of loyal consumers who trust us to build premium railcars”, said Greg James Aziz. “We are the only firm in North America with a certification ISO 9001: 2008. Over a decade, we have received the annual TTX SECO award,” he continued.


Charity Involvement


Under the leadership of Greg Aziz has led the company in various charity programs. National Steel Car participates in community building by sponsoring Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, Salvation Army and the Hamilton Opera among other domestic charities. Thousands of staffs have partaken in our major food programs to offer support local food banks.


Nonetheless, one way through which the company has contributed to the development of the community is through the thousands of well-paying jobs that have directly raised the living standards of most families in Southern Ontario. Today, National Steel Car manufactures thousands of railroad freight cars, built by hardworking and dedicated engineers.

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