The Powerful Work Of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

What is important to you when you think about the kind of doctor you want to be receiving medical care from? Many people look for qualities that include excellent educational background and experience. Of course, no one wants to see a physician that could possibly misdiagnose or possibly harm the overall outcome of you and your family. It is important to see a doctor who has the proper education, experience and background to best deliver patient care. In addition, it is important for doctors to deliver the best patient care by being compassionate and understanding to their patients. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency room doctor that shows his patients that he truly cares about them by delivering excellent emergency room medical care to the best of his ability.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency room physician that has been in practice for about 6-10 years. Dr. Forsthoefel attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine graduated with honors and completed his residency training at Louisiana State University. Dr. Forsthoefel has a diverse background in medicine and is also certified in Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Currently, Dr. Forsthoefel works at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare in Tallahassee, Florida. Patients who see Dr. Forsthoefel are extremely fortunate to be in his care because he has experience in a diverse background and is able to treat a variety of illnesses.

Many people are not knowledgeable of the work and dedication that emergency room physicians have to contribute. These doctors spent countless hours studying the history and fundamentals of treating urgent trauma patients. These doctors have to work long hours treating patients from a wide range of illnesses such as trauma, lacerations, acute conditions, chronic conditions, fractures, cardiac problems, etc. Emergency room physicians are put in very stressful situations because they have to be able to treat their patients as well as sometimes being forced to make an urgent life or death decision on the best treatment to save their life. These doctors also are responsible for diagnosing the patient, treating the patient and stabilizing them then decide if they are going to be ready to be discharged. Patients should realize and understand how important emergency room doctors are and the role they play. Without these doctors dedicating the time and effort they do, many people would not be alive today.

Adam Milstein and The Anti-semitism in U.S. Universities

Adam Milstein is known to be one of the most accomplished business leaders today, but he’s also the Israeli-American Council writer for the Jewish News Syndicate, JNS. It is an online journal that talks about the various issues that the Jews face today, and in the latest article of Adam Milstein, he discussed there one of these biggest issues: the rise of anti-semitism that’s sweeping across the universities in the United States.

In the article he wrote, it was shown that there are now programs and protests in universities led by student organizations that call for boycotts for any activity that involves the Jewish community. There’s now even a shocking reported case of a Jewish student that was almost prevented from joining student affairs events because of the fact that her Jewish identity gave her conflicting and dual loyalties.

It was also observed by Adam Milstein that in an organization in Stanford, a young Jewish woman was attacked with a series of hostility when she ran for the Student Senate just because of her support for Israel. The AEPi or the America’s largest Jewish fraternity has also seen a series of attacks against its members, with the frat houses of the groups being vandalized with all sorts of hate speech, comparing the organization to the Nazis.

An analysis of Adam Milstein of the entire Israel and US school relations also confirms that the hate groups in the US seem to suggest that Israel has no right to exist within any type of borders. He also maintained the position that what these hate groups are doing is to single out Israel and forget the big picture, which is the series of human rights abuses that’s been happening in the Middle East.

About Adam Milstein

As an Israeli-American activist, philanthropist, real estate entrepreneur and business leader, Adam Milstein spends most of his time helping Jewish communities prosper. He also leads the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife, and his work has significantly helped a lot of people in the minority groups to get the support that are deprived from them, especially the Jewish communities.

How Hard Work Paid Off For Gregory Aziz


When Gregory James Aziz began his career in the banking industry, he knew things would get better and he could do everything the right way. He also knew everything changed depending on the work people put into their businesses, so he always put a lot of hard work into the business he had. It was his goal of helping that allowed him to continue offering different opportunities for himself and for others. Gregory Aziz always knew what to do and wasn’t afraid of showing people how they could get different opportunities on their own. As long as Gregory Aziz knew what it meant to give people the right options, he felt positive he could do things the right way.

Even though Gregory J Aziz felt good about helping people and giving them the chances, they needed for success, he gave people a positive experience. It was his goal of providing others the things they needed that allowed Gregory Aziz to see things would keep getting better. Between the work he put into things and the opportunities he had for success, Gregory Aziz knew just what to do to give everyone the chances they needed. It was his goal of helping that allowed Gregory Aziz to see how things would become better.

After Greg Aziz made sure he was doing everything right, he felt good about the work he had for the business and the things he could put into the business. Since he didn’t want to waste all his talent on someone else’s business, Gregory Aziz felt it was important to start his own. He started by purchasing National Steel Car. The company thrived in the past, but things got hard on the people who were in the business later on. Gregory Aziz wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see things would keep changing no matter what they did.


While Gregory Aziz spent time trying to show people how everything would get better, he felt good about his own job in the industry. It was his goal of helping that allowed him the chance to keep moving on with the issues he had. By the time Gregory J Aziz made things easier for himself, he knew there were positive experiences that would continue happening. For Gregory Aziz, the point of giving back is so others have a chance to see the positive options people could get from National Steel Car. Visit This Page to learn more.

What it Takes to Be a Good Business Owner

Becoming a business owner is a dream for many people. Few people enjoy going to work for someone else each day. However, there are numerous risks associated with starting a company. One of the most significant issues with starting a company is a lack of capital. Many people borrow money to start a company. Although some business debt is okay, some business owners end up making a huge mistake by going deeply into debt.


The economy in Brazil is booming. More people than ever before are considering starting a company. Before starting a business, it is critical to conduct research. Some people end up making a huge mistake by starting a business too quickly.






When starting a new company, a successful marketing strategy is critical. Some people struggle to advertise their products or services effectively. Hiring an advertising company can be a substantial investment for a business owner.


Online marketing is a critical aspect of gaining new customers. Some people never think about investing money in online advertising. Most business owners believe that neglecting online advertising is a massive mistake. Many young people find out about business opportunities by looking at different products and services online.



The Life of Jose Hawilla



Jose Hawilla is a successful entrepreneur in Brazil. During his career, he has made numerous mistakes as a business leader. However, he has used each error as a learning opportunity for the future. He firmly believes that operating a business is possible for anyone who puts in the work. Although working on a business idea can be difficult, there are bountiful opportunities in Brazil. As the economy improves, more people will decide to leave the safety of their jobs for the chance at operating a company. Jose recommends that new business owners work with a mentor to help them plan different aspects of their company. You can visit their twitter account for more details.


Michael Lacey’s Mathematics Help Students Learn

Since Michael Lacey started working in the mathematics field, he’s been doing everything he can to help his students learn. He knows a lot about math and always tries helping people see they can have positive experiences that come with learning about math. There are things that Michael Lacey knows how to do that other people may struggle with. There are also things that Michael Lacey offers people so they can try different math problems. It’s his goal of providing people a chance to try different things that helps him see he can do more than he ever did before. People see the options Michael Lacey has and use them to make things better. Even when Michael Lacey first started teaching people, he knew things would continue helping others and would continue being the best for everyone who needed it.


There were times when Michael Lacey felt he was working to help people with different opportunities. He knew what would happen if he didn’t teach students the right way and he often worried about the problems that could come from the hard work he put into the business. It was his goal of giving back that made it easier for Michael Lacey to make these choices. It was also something that was difficult for Michael Lacey to understand how to do. He wanted everyone to see things would keep getting better if they could keep learning about the positive experiences they received from doing math the right way.


Between the hard work Michael Lacey put into helping students and the things he did to make it all easier on them, he knew what was important. Michael Lacey also knew students could keep getting positive experiences no matter what issues they dealt with. Mathematics isn’t easy for people to learn about and Michael Lacey knew that because he had spent a lot of time learning about them on his own. He also knew how important it was to give people a chance at a better future through the mathematics opportunities he offered to them. It was his goal of giving that made it easier on him to show people the right opportunities.

Neurocore Helping More

Neurology is the study of the brain and provides us with a beautifully lit pathway of how our bodies work. By understand the brain, we can understand the body, and then be able to make the body perform at optimal levels based off what is needed. To maintain optimal health, the human body has many requirements, however, when we can make ourselves one with ourselves through our psyche this is when we can really find out what the human body can handle and do. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore are using a technique that allows for people, such as athletes, to “get out of their heads”. The technique is performed through a mind and body connection that power can be transferred around to different parts of the body where they are needed most. Because the human brain is ever evolving and learning our minds and bodies naturally crave to keep them balanced.

Age causes many undesirable effects, however, is still not a comparison to stressors in peoples lives. It tends to be very difficult to keep the human body and brain on a precise regime. Due to this factor facilities like Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been developed. Thus far the centers have shown to help aid in the relief of many conditions that people suffer from.


Stress affects so many different aspects of our lives that we don’t even realize such as sleep, diet, memory, mood, etc. By getting help to keep our bodies healthy rather than stuffing our stressors, we can live longer and healthier lives with stronger bodies and minds. The centers have also shown to help those with mental illnesses.

A healthy lifestyle is the most important things we can do for our bodies. A healthy lifestyle includes eating a proper diet, exercising, getting a proper amount of sleep, limiting stressors in our lives, and continuously training our bodies and our brains. These factors make such a massive impact on our bodies that if all are carried out in sequence everyone would lead longer healthier lives. If more people got help in changing their lifestyle the world would be a different place. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Doe Deere Innovator of Makeup and Self-Expression

Lime Crime is a makeup line created by Doe Deere. Her mission is to change makeup as we know it and transform it into a freedom of expression for women and men. Lime Crime has succeeded in becoming a cult brand meaning that it is different from every other makeup brand. From being 100% vegan and cruelty-free to the bright colored hair dyes and matching lipstick, Lime Crime has become a new trend in beauty. Not to mention there are so many choices for every look. It doesn’t matter if you want to look natural for work, grunge for a night out on the town, or colorful for a date, Lime Crime has got you covered. No need to conform to society. Break free and make your imagination come true. Doe Deere started Lime Crime as a makeup line that evolved into selling hair dye as well. Doe loves to experiment with hair color, as long as she has the lipstick to match. She felt that adding hair dye to the mix would strengthen the brand and increase self-expression. Social Media is a big part of the success as customers provide a lot of feedback on the brand. Likes, dislikes, enhancements, what works, or what doesn’t work, are all forms of input that Doe credits for the success of her brand. Collaborating customer feedback with the team’s ideas consistently gives birth to a new innovated product. She also credits market research for successful outcomes. For example, as the market changes, Lime Crimes innovative team looks for holes in the market. Once these gaps are identified, they can be used to create something better than what the market is currently offering. Every business makes mistakes, and for Doe, the mistakes made by Lime Crime are all milestones to success. Each error teaches a lesson that will take the company to the next level. Lime Crimes newest project is the Lavender, Lilac Venus III Eyeshadow Palette. It launched in the middle of April and is inspired by Pantone’s color of the year, which is ultraviolet. Doe Deere is by far an excellent example of what accomplishing your goals means. She is very passionate about being an entrepreneur. Her priceless style, coupled with her imagination and supportive team have been making Lime Crime the success that it is today. They take every product seriously. In fact, if they do not trust a product or feel that it would not work for them, they won’t release it. Purchasing a product from Lime Crime is an adventure. Just thinking about the looks that can be created along with the toy-inspired case, motivates women and men to be creative. Even if you are someone who doesn’t wear makeup, Lime Crime will make you want to start a new routine. But don’t worry, it won’t take long to get used to seeing yourself with it on. Feeling and looking bold is internal. Adding the color to your routine will open the door to excitement and confidence you never knew existed. Learn more:

National Steel Car – Industry Leading Freight Car Manufacturer Owned By Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO and Chairman of National Steel Industries and National Steel Car Limited. He was born in London, Ontario, Canada in 1949. During his career, Greg Aziz has held prominent rolls in the food distribution industry and the investment banking industry.


Aziz’s most life-altering work has been at National Steel Car, where he prevented the company from going under and saved hundreds of people their jobs.


After gaining his education from Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario, he joined up with his parent’s company called Affiliated Foods. At the time, the company was importing food products to Canada; when Aziz had finished his time at the company, Affiliated Foods was an international importer, gaining partnerships with companies in South America and Europe.

Greg James Aziz left the family business to pursue a life in New York City, serving as an investment banker. Aziz made enough money during his time in New York City to move back home to Ontario and purchase National Steel Car. See This Article for additional information.

Shortly after Aziz purchased the company the entire industry fell into a downward spiral. When the dust was settled, only 4 Canadian freight car producers remained, and National Steel Car was at the top of the list. Aziz accomplished this by securing much needed funding and investments and changing the production line up. Greg Aziz may have ended production on a number of different freight cars, but total annual production eventually went from 3,000 to 12,000. Employee numbers increased by fivefold.


Now National Steel Car is an industry leader, providing freight cars to companies throughout Canada and the United States. National Steel Car produces cars used by CSX, the biggest train company in North America.

It may have taken the company, which was founded in 1912, nearly a hundred years, but they are now the biggest freight car producer in all of North America. Even though Gregory James Aziz has only been a part of the company for a couple of decades, National Steel Car has become a success to their long-term commitment to excellence in engineering.


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Michael Burwell Tops In Financial Sector

With 31 years of experience in professional services and finance, Michael Burwell has held several senior positions in leadership roles. He was the Chief Operating Captain in the United States, leader of global Transformation and also the Leader of Transaction Services in the US. He has 12 years of experience in advisory and transaction services and also 11 years of experience in auditing and helping firms with valuation and pre-merger due diligence


In 1997, Burwell accepted to partner and began PwC’S based exercise in transaction service. From his successful experience in Detroit, he was requested to be the leader of PwCs central area and eventually served as the general leader of United States Transactional Services. He was appointed to be the Chief Financial Officer in 2007 and 2008 he was promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer all over PwC’s company. In 2012, he was appointed to be the Vice Chairman of International and United States Transformation. Michael created the adjustment in his transformation position to optimize organizational efficiency in managing a different group of internal roles such as Global strategic finding, technology, Finance and Human Capital. In his tenure, he served as senior relationship companion on many clients.


After serving for 31 years PwC, Michael was appointed to be the head of Willis Towers Watson in October 2017. He was selected by Global Advisory Reinsurance and Insurance Company to replace Roger Milly the departing Chief Financial Officer. John Haley, the Willis Tower Watson CEO, welcomed Burwell and added that he had become a part of the organization when it was undergoing an evolution. He stated that Michael Burwell would benefit the organization by bringing his skills and knowledge in finance and transaction services and ensure the company achieves its objectives. John Haley also mentioned that he was confident Michael Burwell’s expertise in transformation, transaction, and finance is well well-matched to guide the company in long-term growth and also for achieving its full potential. On the other hand, Burwell stated that he was pleased to join the company and he was committed to bringing more success. Refer to This Article for more information.


Michael is a CPA holder, and he graduated with B.A in Business Administration from Michigan State University. He believed that acquiring this specific degree will open many opportunities for him which proved to be right. He continues to serve the community from his hometown and currently he is on the board of directors for a rehabilitation center in Detroit known as Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center.


Canada Is Running On NSC

Gregory James Aziz was probably the most faithful chief executive officer that National Steel Car ever had. He is the reason that this Canadian-based company has dominated the railway manufacturing industry throughout all of North America. His skills in business allowed him to become the chairman of the board at National Steel Car and also act as a liaison between their company and many others.


Greg James Aziz loves the city of Hamilton, Ontario. This was the place of his birth and he always felt a loyalty to this area. Once Gregory J Aziz became chief executive officer at National Steel Car he would move the headquarters of his business here.


Greg Aziz learned many of the wise practices he would utilize in business while he studied for his graduate and undergraduate degrees at Western University. His professors at Western University taught him all he needed to know so that he could take National Steel Car and transform the business.


National Steel Car was nearly 100 years old when Greg Aziz became the chief executive officer. He yearned to see National Steel Car become the first rail car manufacturer to celebrate the Centennial birthday. He would work diligently to make sure that National Steel Car could claim this as their legacy.


1Gregory James Aziz knew that a company could not last for 100 years unless a vision captured the hearts of the people and push them forward with a passion. Gregory James Aziz began to teach the board a vision of innovation. This innovative spirit captured the company.


Gregory James Aziz also make sure that each of his employees was growing in their skills as workers. He brought in experts in efficiency who began to mentor and work with people so that they could become well-versed in these areas.


The third thing that Gregory James Aziz did was focus on a strong business model. Much of his time was spent working with customers and suppliers. By speaking to customers one-on-one he understood their unique needs and could provide products that meet those needs. As he worked with suppliers he was able to keep the prices in the affordable range so that both companies were turning hefty profits.


National Steel Car celebrated that 100th year birthday and Gregory James Aziz was still the CEO. He was proud to stand at the podium and think the company for achieving success.  Get Additional Information Here.