The Closed Path To Freedom

Opening The Spaces Of Society

A look at the diplomatic state of the world, and it’s clear to see that modern uses of concepts like nationalism are hurting the progress of society. For example, as long as nations find reasons to be segregated as different or “more substantial” than another region, the room for conflict will always exist on an international platform.

For these very reasons has the work of George Soros made such an impact in the lives of many around the globe and by setting the standards for other wealthy individuals within the world of philanthropy. Georges Soros is a co-founder of the Open Society Foundation which holds itself accountable to the transition of world powers, ideals and virtues.

The objective is transition by tolerance and according to the Open Society Foundation. You see, the more that we can tolerate the differences of others, the more we can accomplish as a world power and as a singular humanity and more information click here.


What A Broader Society Actually Means

In the world of transition, which is the field of diplomacy, an open society is one with more tolerance for the differences of others. And as small of an issue as that might seem, being unable to open you mind to the lifestyles and views of others only creates a bigoted society who limits their lives and what they can achieve within it and learn more about George.

This is true because the basic purpose in the concept of an open society is one that invites everyone to partake of advancements, better education and access to every potential modern life currently offers. Without this access and without tolerance, any society at hand will only fail as their flexibility is absent and thus stunts growth.

These are the merits of a society which has broader ideals and views of others. And this is also the work that great men like George Soros brings into his work among philanthropy. And the work is not yet done, and neither are the ambitions, desires and visions which George Soros has for a greater society with a better life for us all and follow his Twitter.

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Marc Sparks Demonstrates the Incongruity of Grades to Predict Success

Not all entrepreneurs have the capability of maintaining a clean record all through; most of them miss their step along the way. However, there some who are exceptional. Their input and performance are always above average. Marc Sparks is among the top most respectable business persons in Dallas. He is very innovative and strategic, and he has kept a clean record of outstanding performance. He is the founder and the proprietor behind Timber Creek, LP. The company is based on a modern business model and offer services that ensure that the dreams of new businesses are valid. Since he launched the company, the business has continued to expand to different dimensions within the business world.


Apart from Creek, Marc Sparks is mostly known for his venture that he launched a while ago in collaboration with Lynne Sipiora known as Spark Tank. Spark tank is a unique business that focuses on giving awards and mentoring small non-profit organizations that support communities. Through the submission of a proposal to Spark Tank, philanthropic groups and NGOs get recognized for their performance. They also get a chance to win five thousand dollars as a grant to help fund some of their activities. ‘Mommies in Need’ won the latest award courtesy of Spark Tank due to its invaluable assistance families who need childcare support mostly in health management. During the award ceremony, the founder of Mommies in Need expressed gratitude to Marc Sparks and his team for their invaluable contributions towards improving the livelihoods of people through motivation and mentorship.


Marc Sparks also supports several projects in capital investments, real estate and in the telecommunication industry. He supports and embraces the concept of diversity in all his businesses. Mark has more than 40 years’ experience in startup management, and he has been able to achieve without formal training. His entrepreneurship skills are inborn and he, therefore, has strong business instincts. He believes that a successful entrepreneur should be able to create a logical and verifiable path that lead to the creation of products or services that promise a reasonable return on investment.


Marc Sparks is also an author, and one of his best-selling books is called ‘They can’t eat you: My unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success,’ the book outlines motivational means to attaining success. He also supports charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Sparky’s Kids Foundation. This shows Sparks commitment to serve humanity, and that’s why he contribute a reasonable amount of his business profits to charity activities. Today, several students thanks Mark for assisting them to obtain high school diploma as they could not afford to pay their school fees. Mark graduated from high school 42 years ago and all along he continues to develop the acumen for business development.

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Kim Dao Finds The Perfect Gift For Her Sister!

It is almost 6 PM and Kim Dao is about to go to dinner with Bambigirl. She had to cancel her plans yesterday because she had business meetings. Bambigirl is about to pick up Kim Dao in about 10 minutes. They will also be going shopping. Kim Dao will be checking out of the hotel tomorrow and getting an Airbnb. She has had a great experience in the hotel room. She was given a skin care package from the hotel. Kim Dao shows the things she received. The weather is terrible outside.


Kim Dao is in the car with Bambigirl. They are at COEX now, about to eat. It is really busy in the COEX mall. They eat at a Korean fushion inspired eatery. They have finished eating and now they are about to do some shopping. Kim Dao gets a blouse for her sister. They take a break and get some drinks. They continue to shop some more. Learn more:


They are leaving the mall. It is raining a lot now. They are really tired. They are going back home. Kim Dao is back in the hotel. She didn’t buy much because she is trying to save money for her future trips. She is about to clean up and take her makeup off. Tomorrow she is going out with her friend to the post office to send off some things. They are going to a special skin food store for the first time.


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Eric Lefkofsky on Tempus

Cancer statistic has been rising on an annual basis. The high number of victims makes it certain that everyone at this point has either had the condition or seen someone they love to battle the dreaded disease. In 2014, the National Cancer Institute revealed that 14. 5 million Americans lived with cancer. They also predicted that the number will have risen by 10 million in 2024. As a result, all efforts are being put in place to reduce the cancer infection rate so that it does not wipe out the American population. Eric Lefkofsky came up with Tempus, which is geared towards reducing the cancer occurrence and effect among the citizens.

Erick never intended to offer any medical care solutions until his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was at this point that Erick noticed that the health sector was not what it looked like. Although many people believed it was well versed with the current technology, Erick realized that the system was yet advanced to the required level. He noticed a gaping hole in the fields of cancer data collection and digital technology in American hospitals. Although doctors collected a lot of data about patients ‘conditions, there was no streamlined method of corralling the information and using it effectively. Tempus was introduced to offer solutions in the above. Erick and his team wish to change the way cancer care is delivered to patients through Tempus, which allows the patients clinical and molecular data to be analyzed effectively and what Eric knows.

Tempus faced several challenges such as capturing physical notes in the software. However, this was done with the use of genome sequencing, which was initially very expensive but has fallen to affordable rates and more information click here.


Eric Lefkofsky

Erick is the CEO and President of Tempus Company, which is causing a wave in the cancer detection and treatment arena in America. Erick also co-founded Lightbank fund, which makes investments in disruptive technologies. Groupon, an electronic ecommerce marketplace platform was also co-founded and is chaired by Erick Lefkofsky. Other firms that Erick helped found are Uptake Technologies, which is a predictive analytics avenue for some of the largest industries in the world.

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Karl Heideck’s Explanation On Lawsuit Held Against Wells Fargo

Based on news report, the City of Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit against a company named Wells Fargo. This was based on an allegation that the bank violated the law on Fair Housing Act of 1986. The act protects predatory lending practices which are aimed at helping the minority mortgage borrowers. Well Fargo Company denies these allegations by stating that all its practices are fair. Further, the company claims that this lawsuit is unsubstantiated.

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania on May 15. The company has had several problems raised since last year, but this is one of the major current issues raised. Wells Fargo is against the law suit claiming that for the 140 years of its existence, it has only been involved in fair lending practices and responsible activities.

Karl Heideck is a graduate of the Temple University Beasley School of Law. He graduated in the year 2009. He also possesses in-depth knowledge in English and literature. He attained a degree in literature and English language from Swarthmore College in the year 2003. Karl Heideck is a specialist in Philadelphia area in issues such as risk management, compliance, and civil litigation. With his expertise in this domain, he continues to help the residents of Philadelphia significantly.

Karl Heideck currently works as an attorney in Grant and Eisenhower PA. His primary task entails reviewing discovery for complex fraud cases and banking litigation. Such cases focus on issues such as liquidity, transactions issues, acquisition issues and risk management. He has been listed in the Hire Counsel since the year 2015 and works as a contract attorney.

Mr. Karl Heideck currently offers various services such as risk management and compliance consulting. Some of his current areas of specialization include commercial litigation, product liability, corporate law, and employment proceedings. In addition to his role as a litigation attorney, he is also a prolific writer. He writes on issues entailing contemporary legal developments. Through writing, he can easily share his in-depth knowledge with readers interested in law and developments within this sector.

Fabletics is More Than Just Workout Gear

Did you know that if you leave a positive review about a product, it helps to improve their search ranking on search engines? Recent studies have shown that the higher the reviews are for products, the better their search ranking is. The Google reviews show that the more reviews left by consumers, the more the products are ranked higher on the search return site.


The searches outside of Google showcase that with the higher reviews left on various levels of e-sites such as the stores like Wal-Mart, the site ranks higher with the reviews left by consumers. These types of websites will allow other brands to showcase their reviews from various other sites to help bring in more information for future customers.


Fabletics has learned that this marketing tool is able to drive in more customers and more customers means higher sales and more sales means more money. This marketing tool has helped them to reach the level of success that they are at.


When TechStyle first decided to come up with a brand, they knew that Kate Hudson was going to be the person who could help them bring in the customers. She is not only the person you see advertising their product on television as she is so much more to the company than just the spokesperson. Kate has had her share of input related to more than just designing and selling.


Kate has worked hard to make sure that she helps out where ever she can when it comes to the business. She wants to learn as much as she can and has shared her ideas with the company. Her ideas are what helps to shape the company. The business sells more than just workout gear for women. There is a line of gear for children as well as for men.


The people who order Fabletics love the fact that they are versatile while allowing women to be able to do more than just workout in the clothes. You will find women who wear them to pick up their kids from school, to go hiking, grocery shopping and so much more. They are more than just workout gear. The styles are made to coincide with new style colors that are hot on the market as well as patterns which help women to look better. There are certain patterns that some people should avoid and to help you determine if that is your case, their lifestyle quiz helps to find what best suits you.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Long Walk to Prosperity: Lori Senecal

Since March 9, 2015, Lori Senecal has held the position of a Global Chief Executive officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky, LLC. She served in the same capacity in the MDC partner network from August 2014 to December 31, 2015. Before heading MDC Corporation, she was the President and Chief Executive officer of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners which was formerly known as Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners LLC from August 2009. She was at the forefront of developing new approaches and ideas in McCann World group. Later on, she moved to senior positions in the company, serving as a Chief Innovation Officer and Global Director respectively.

While in McCann group, she established the TAG ideation in 2003. This milestone was a young adult marketing specialization unit. Owing to her vast experience in the marketing field, she is knowledgeable in data analytics and multinational account expertise. Some of her notable experiences include Worldwide Account Director for Coca Cola. Furthermore, she has worked with brands such as Xbox, Nestle, Nabisco, InBev and Applebee’s. Since 2005, she has served as the head of marketing in DDB Worldwide Communications Group. In addition, she has been the director of Advertising Council Incorporation since April 17, 2015. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Ms. Senecal has been honored with several awards due to her persistence in the advertising industry. The most outstanding ones include the Game Changer Award and the Leap Award for innovation and leadership. Lori suggests that companies should emulate the celebrities who were clueless that they will be famous for their actions. She talks about celebrities such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, who as a result of their infamous actions still manage to grasp the front pages of glossy magazines still. She comes up with branding secrets which these clueless celebrities possess. You can visit Forbes for more info.

In an article on Adage, Clueless or Subtly Strategic? What Brands Can Learn From Wayward Celebrities, Lori explains the lessons learned. One of her top recommendations, she advises companies to hire excellent stylists for branding. Furthermore, she suggests the use of comeback strategy which triggers the heart of the consumers. As we know, publicity is the key to success for any business. Another secret strategy is downsizing, just as the celebrities reduce to 100 pounds in weight, brands can also follow this path, for instance, cameras and iPods. Currently, the business world has completely turned digital hence the interaction with the consumer never stops. If it halts, then the company should take immediate reformatory measures to press on. You can subscribe on her YouTube account.

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Equities First Provides Borrowers with Stock-based Loans

Loans are the backbone of any investment. A loan is necessary if one needs to fund a new project or if one needs to extend the operational base. However, qualifying for a loan has proved difficult since financial institutions cut the loan amounts, tightened application criteria, and increased interest rates. This move by the banks has seen borrowers shift to Equities First, which offers an alternative to the credit loans. Equities first stock-based loan has come as an immediate solution to the borrowers who finally can sigh with relief.

The stock-based loan has no restrictions whatsoever and is an open-ended type of funding, which requires shareholders to provide their shares as security. Borrowers have opted to take this alternative loan as it is friendly and is not complicated. Equities First has come to provide a long-term solution to this menace of paying high interest rates after giving all assets as collateral and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Conventional credit loans come with a strict specification of use hence restricts one from investing in various projects as one seems fit. However, the stock-based loans have no restrictions attached, and one can use it to finance any project. Both loans require collateral, but the difference is that with the conventional loans, one uses valuable assets of equal value to the loan. The stock-based loans, issued by Equities First, use shares and stock as collateral. After paying back the loan, an individual is given back the shares together with subsequent proceeds and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

Equities First Holdings LLC. is a global leader offering an alternative solution to conventional loans by providing stock-based loans. Over the decades, Equities First has extended its regional boundaries gaining a global reach. It currently has its headquarters in China, Thailand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The firm prides in being the leading company in offering alternative borrowing means that include stock-base loans and more information click here.

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We all Need Personal Cyber Security

I never really gave much attention to the cyber security world. I never thought I would need such security but then someone hacked my email, and I realized the importance of cyber security. Consider this if you’re asking a similar question from yourself about personal cyber security.

Thousands of people and companies are being affected by cyber-attacks. These attacks are increasing rapidly day by day. So you don’t need to be asking yourself if you should go for personal cyber security for yourself or not. As the answer is quite obvious now. But still, if you’re not convinced, you should take a look at the Wanna Cry Cyber-attacks that happened in May earlier this year. That really was horrible.



You should not risk your personal data and money by not getting personal cyber security. Now, if you have decided to get such security you should go for Rubica. Rubica is providing excellent services when it comes to cyber security. One of the best things about Rubica is that they do their work discretely.



All you have to do is download the Rubica app on your device and enjoy personal cyber security. You won’t have to worry about anything related to cyber-attacks.



Beneful Prepared Meals at Walmart

Walmart carries a wide variety of wet dog food. With so many flavors available anyone can find the perfect flavor for their furry friend. In addition to variety packs that contain twenty seven 3 ounce cans that retail for $14.98, walmart also carries individual servings. Beneful chopped blends retail for $1.77 and are in 10 ounce plastic tubs. Flavor varieties for chopped blends are Salmon with Sweet potatoes, Spinach and Brown Rice, Beef Stew prepared meals, Chicken stew prepared meals, Roasted Turkey Medley, Chicken chopped blends with carrots, peas and wild rice. These ten ounce prepared meal plastic containers are also available in multi packs. These multi packs contain eight 10 ounce containers and retail for $21.44 and more information click here.