Generating Higher Returns with the Oxford Club

A savvy investor will take measures to bolster his portfolio and generate higher returns regardless of the underlying market conditions. Here’s what you can do to make more money on the markets this year:

  1. Stash More Cash

Many Americans have not saved enough to prepare for retirement. Many have no retirement plans aside from social security checks. Tragically, the average monthly social security payment is just $1,360 per person.

Every American should start saving as early as possible. No one person can control the ebbs and flows of the market, but everyone can control his or her own savings.

Every month, the Oxford Club shares information on low-risk investments with high potential gains.

  1. Don’t Waste Money

If you pay a higher price for investment management, are you making more money? The answer is a resounding “NO.”

The majority of fund managers do not perform as well as the market in any year. Over a period of ten years or more, almost all fund managers underperform the market.

The Oxford Club offers free newsletters as well as low-cost services that can connect you with its global network of entrepreneurs and investors.

  1. Keep Your Portfolio Balanced

Right now, the stock markets in the U.S. are on their longest bull run since the crash of 2009. If the markets take a downturn, you might have more invested in stocks than you really want.

Every investor should periodically review which investments have performed well and sell at least some of them. Re-invest in investments that have performed poorly.

This is a largely counterintuitive, contrarian, approach, but it is one that has stood the test of time through shifting business cycles.

The Oxford Club has stood for over two decades, teaching its members how to prosper through all market conditions.

Siteline Cabinetry Makes Perfect Investment For Home Remodel

Many homeowners remodel their homes with resale value in mind. However, it can be hard to figure out which part of the house to remodel that will actually turn into a good investment. One company’s new line of innovative and customizable cabinetry products have proven to be a great remodel choice as well as an astute investment idea for homeowners. That product line, Siteline Cabinetry, has taken the remodeling world by storm.

So what makes Siteline Cabinetry special? First of all, the cabinetry line is completely customizable to the homeowner’s wishes. That means the right cabinet for the right room all the time. For homeowners who wish to want something easier to select, Siteline Cabinetry offers a selection of pre-made designs that can be quickly manufactured.

Another Siteline Cabinetry difference is the speed at which a customized or pre-selected cabinet can be made and installed. The homeowner doesn’t have to worry about the usual long waits that other cabinet contractors instill on their clients. Siteline Cabinetry has the resources, the experts, and the experience to expedite any project.

From the kitchen to the bathroom or the laundry room, Siteline Cabinetry has the materials and the designs worthy of any home. It is no wonder that this cabinetry line has been so popular with homeowners coast to coast. And with a network of professionally trained Siteline Cabinetry dealers, homeowners can rest assured that they will be in good hands from the initial consultation to the final installation.

Siteline Cabinetry is operated by their parent company, the Corsi Group. The company’s founder Pat Corsi is still active in the operation of the company as he has always been since the company’s founding in 1973. Today, the Corsi Group is considered one of the premier manufacturers of home cabinetry.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Corsi Group continues to work with thousands of contractors and homeowners to find the best home remodel solution for them via the company’s Siteline Cabinetry unit. With a small army of skilled cabinet makers and a dedicated nationwide team of sales consultants, the Corsi Group will make Siteline Cabinetry the homeowner’s best friend and greatest home investment.

Obsidian Energy—Everything You Need to Know

Obsidian Energy, originally known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd, is a mid-sized producer of oil and gas that is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1979, the company had 300 employees as of the end of 2017. It currently has oil and gas wells in Western Canada and a balanced portfolio comprising of high-value assets that enable it to produce about 30,000 BOE each day.



The assets and the organization crafted around them provide Obsidian Energy with a platform to provide bottom-line results that help it survive in an ever-changing industry. This is a company that is primarily focused on the passion for its work, discipline, and the resolute accountability of all its partners, the communities where it operates, and the shareholders.



The Change from Penn West Petroleum Ltd to Obsidian Energy



The company officially changed its name from Penn West Petroleum Ltd. to Obsidian Energy on June 26th, 2017. Prior to the formal change, the company underwent a series of changes that saw new measures introduced in all its operations. The changes touched on all departments and enabled it to redefine and position itself for future growth. After the transformation, it was able to become leaner, stronger, and more capable of achieving its objectives and meeting the expectations of all its shareholders and investors. Read This Article for related information.



Community and Environment



Since inception, Obsidian has always focused on making positive impacts in areas where it operates and improving its relations with the surrounding communities. Obsidian Energy supports the Community Matters Program whose sole objective is to ensure that the firm carries out its operations in a respectful and responsible manner. It also serves as a reminder to its contractors and personnel to ensure that they proactively address all concerns, mitigate impacts that are likely to be associated with its oil and gas operations, and ensure that it communicates in an open manner with all the area residents.


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Matthew Autterson and Neuropathic Pain

Matthew Autterson is in no way a stranger to the world of financial services. He’s actually worked in the expansive industry for a full quarter of a century. He used to serve as the President of a massive United States financial institution. It was an enormous state-chartered powerhouse that had a strong reputation, too. What exactly contributed to Autterson’s impressive rise to the top? His educational background is one factor. He studied at and graduated from Michigan State University. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance upon leaving the institution in 1980. That brought on all sorts of educational and career developments. He signed up for an in-depth graduate tax program that was organized by the University of Denver in Colorado. He started devoting his time to a Fiserve company that was referred to as First Trust Corporation. There are many other examples as well. Autterson is without a doubt a professional who perseveres. He’s constantly testing his limits and trying his hand at numerous concepts.


FAB or Falci Adaptive Biosystems is a big player in Colorado business. Autterson is on the organization’s Board of Directors right now. Falci Adaptive Biosystems puts Matthew Autterson’s latest philanthropic aims on display for all to see and understand. Autterson has worked as a diligent leader for many local groups throughout the years. Some helpful examples of these are both the Webb-Waring Foundation and the Denver Zoological Foundation. Autterson in the past was in the World Presidents Organization. He was in yet another group called the Young Presidents Organization as well. He definitely is an executive who can tell people about how reliable leadership works. Go Here for related Information.


Scott Falci, M.D. put together a company that’s known as CNS Bioscience, Inc. not too long ago in 2013. Autterson has a couple of big roles within the firm. Matthew Autterson known to people in the industry as CNS’ Chief Executive Officer. People are also fully aware of the fact that he’s its motivated President. He’s even among its efficient and organized board members. CNS Bioscience, Inc. is a business that delves into all components that pertain to the development of sophisticated and dependable drugs. It centers around clinical stage matters. Neuropathic pain is its primary focal point. Falci and Matthew Autterson are two assiduous individuals who understand the need to take the management of neuropathic pain to a new level. They know that this pain is a massive issue.


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If You’re Looking For Construction Services In Northern Illinois, Aloha Construction Is The Company To Choose

Aloha Construction is one of the best construction companies in Illinois and some parts of Wisconsin. They offer many services, such as roofing, window repair, and gutter replacement. Their services have been reviewed well by customers, and they offer a 10 year warranty.


The Services Of Aloha Construction:

While there are many services that they offer, they are particularly well-known for these services:


If you don’t know what’s wrong with your roof, the company can inspect it. Their assessment is always honest, and the company has been performing assessments for many years. If there are any problems with your roof, they can be repaired quickly, and what Aloha Construction knows.


Gutter Repair And Replacement:

If you need your gutters repaired or replaced, Aloha Construction can get the job done fast. Their gutters are designed to ensure that water doesn’t pool up near your home. This can prevent mold growth, and Aloha on Facebook.


Siding Repair And Replacement:

If your siding is damaged, Aloha Construction can replace it with the type of siding that you want. The company has many years of experience with siding repair and replacement.


Window And Door Replacement And Repair:

Aloha Construction can repair all types of windows and doors. If you want to replace your windows and doors, the company offers many options to choose from.


Financing Offers:

You can choose from many financing plans, and these plans are offered by Synchrony Financial. Synchrony Financial has helped numerous clients finance major construction products, and they offer affordable interest rates.


Getting In Touch With Aloha Construction:

The company can be contacted by either telephone or email. If no one is there to answer your call, you can leave a message and a representative from the company will get in touch with you right away, and

Betsy Devos Is Made of Inner Steel and Determination

Education Secretary Betsy Devos appears soft-spoken, polite, kind, and gracious. To those who know her, however, she is a fighter who is made of steel. People tend to underestimate her because of her public politeness. In private, she will be relentless in her efforts to push her agenda, such as education reform, and will never give up, despite who she is up against. Although she is a relative newcomer to Washington and did not know Donald Trump for very long, she is quick to learn all the inside tricks and has been seeing tremendous success. Mike Cox said that he and others in Michigan found Betsy to be steely and determined when it came to reaching her goals.


She also is not afraid of standing up for her convictions. For example, she disagreed with Donald Trump’s decision to reverse Obama’s policy about the usage of bathrooms by people who identified as transgender. Publicly she did not let on that there was a split in the administration, but privately, she let certain people know that she was opposed to the decision. This would take tremendous courage, especially as she had to face off with the President, the Attorney General, and various other higher-ups in the administration.


Betsy Devos is just as dedicated with her money as she is with her time. She has donated money to various causes and charity, especially for education, in the past few decades. In fact, she and Dick gave around 139 million dollars in charitable donations overall during the course of their lives. Some years they gave more than others. In 2015, they gave 11.6 million dollars to charity.


Both Dick and Betsy come from families that are known for their philanthropic contributions. The Prince family (Prince is Betsy’s maiden name) is a well-known supporter of various charitable causes, and so is the Devos family. The Devos family ended up on the Forbes list of the top givers in 2015, when they gave 104 million dollars altogether in that year. Over the course of their lives, it is estimated that the Devoses’ contributions amount to 1.33 billion dollars.


In 2015, Dick and Betsy Devos gave three million dollars to charitable organizations that supported education, which was over a quarter of their overall charitable spending. They also gave another several hundred thousand dollars to political organizations that supported education reform.


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Matthew Autterson Brought Success Back to CNS Bioscience

While CNS Bioscience had never really struggled in the way some companies struggle, Matthew Autterson was able to make the company better. As the CEO of the company, Matthew Autterson knew what he was doing. He also knew he was going to be able to make necessary changes if he was going to fix issues with the company. It was his way of giving the company what they needed. As the CEO, there was a lot of work he could do. He always tried to give people what they were looking for and what they would need to make sure they could get the most out of everything that was going on.


As long as Matthew Autterson was helping people with issues they were facing, he was sure they would have a chance to experience the best of the CNS Bioscience company. He had always tried to give attention to issues that were going on and to things that he could do to make everything easier. It was his way of providing people with all the things they needed and his way of making sure everyone knew what they could get from their own options.


Thanks to Matthew Autterson, there were things he could do, and things Autterson was capable of that would allow him to make sure people realized he was trying things the right way. As long as Matthew Autterson was putting things into practice, he was going to make sure everyone knew what they would be able to get from the situations they were in. Looking back at the issues going on in the world around him gave Matthew Autterson the chance to experience the best opportunities possible. It was also his way of showing people how they would need to make things easier on their own. Visit This Page for more information


As long as Matthew Autterson was doing the best job possible for the industry, he was sure there would be things he would need to do. He was also sure about the process by which he could continue helping people through different opportunities. Matthew Autterson knew how to make changes and knew there would be a positive way to bring more opportunities to those who needed neuropathic or biomedical options. He felt he was a great asset to CNS Bioscience with the things they were doing in the field they had become a part of. He wanted to keep pushing forward and doing his best.



Todd Lubar Enjoys Helping People Follow Their Dreams

Todd Lubar has spent a good amount of time in the credit and finance industry, and there is a passion for helping people make their dreams come true that pushes him today. When he was questioned about how he got started with the business that he is undertaking now, he shared that he wanted to help people reach their dreams. He shared that he uses tested strategies to help people as they work toward their goals.

According to Patch, when Todd Lubar was questioned about whether or not he ever felt like giving up on the work that he was doing, he shared that he did feel that way in the beginning. He shared that he had to make himself keep going on and keep doing the work that he knew he was meant to do. He did not give up even when he felt like he wanted to do that.

There are tough decisions that every person has to make when they have a family and they are also working on running a business. Todd Lubar was questioned about a tough decision that he has had to make in recent days, and he mentioned that it is always difficult for him to choose to go on a business trip instead of spending time with his family. Todd makes the decisions that he needs to, though, to stay successful.

Todd Lubar works as the president of TDL Global Ventures. He dedicates himself to his job and the work that he does. He is also the vice president of Legendary Investments. He has spent many years working toward the position that he is in now. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Todd Lubar received his schooling from Syracuse University, majoring in Speech Communication. That education has helped him in the work that he does and the way that he presents himself to others as he works.

Securus Technologies And The Criminal Justice System

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a technology company that serves more than 3450 Public Safety and law-enforcement agencies. There are more than a million inmates in United States of America, and Securus technology is dedicated to keeping Americans safe. This is a company that deals with technology that can help with incident management, investigation, communication, and inmate self-service.


The Difference That A Containment Solution Could Make

Recently, a live video that was recorded on Facebook went viral. The video showed an inmate with a weapon and a cell phone. This was a clip that was recorded at the Evans Correctional Institute; it shows Jose Rivera. Rivera is a dangerous individual who was caught with a cell phone and a knife.


Why We Should Be Worried

This video shows us that there are inmates who not only have cell phones on their person, but they have dangerous weapons that could be used to hurt or kiil other inmates and staff.


Why Securus Technologies Is An Amazing Solution

Securus Technologies is able to streamline the correctional process in these facilities. In that way, staff is able to access contraband and interdiction technology. This technology will help to reduce the amount of paperwork that is needed by wireless carriers, and it obligates them to work with correctional facilities. This technology is one of the first steps to help keep inmates away from dangerous contraband.

Captain Robert Johnson was a correctional officer who was the victim of an attack that was coordinated by a inmate with a cell phone. He is a strong advocate for technology that can help keep the public safe.


What The Facts Prove

Earlier in the year, Securus Technologies was able to release information that was collected by using its wireless containment solution. The information showed how severe the country’s contraband issue is, and it also proved that this wireless containment technology is truly efficient. This containment technology was able to prevent over 1.7 illegal communication attempts with in various correctional facilities throughout The United States.


Why You Need Securus At Your Correctional Facility

Individuals who are in the correctional facilities need constant supervision. Apart from that, it is imperative that they are not allowed to have contraband. It is virtually impossible to supervise these dangerous individuals without innovative technical solutions. Securus Technologies is a company that is able to provide true solution. Securus Technologies is dedicated to innovation in correctional facilities; they have been able to help millions of individual with their criminal justice technology.


Talk Fusion Launched An Amazing University

Talk Fusion was created in 2007. The CEO of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Talk Fusion’s products is used in almost 200 countries throughout the world. So far the business has been doing extremely well. Talk Fusion is a company that helps companies market themselves through creative videos. Talk Fusion has been doing a great job at increasing foot traffic, sales, and revenue for many companies through this great new way of marketing.


Recently the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, launched Talk Fusion University. Students who are enrolled in Talk Fusion University will be taught directly by Reina. Reina is a great person to learn from. At the start of his career, Reina was a police officer with no marketing or sales experience. Reina jumped straight into the field with no experience and worked his way to the top. Reina is also a great person to learn from because at this point he is very passionate about what he does, which means he tends on giving his students his all.


Unlike most universities, Talk Fusion University is going to be completely free for those people who are Talk Fusion associates. This is a huge benefit considering some universities charge more than $50,000 to attend the school. At Talk Fusion University, Reina’s students will have access to about 30 videos that teaches them in a great amount of detail.


Bob Reina is allowing people from all over the country to have access the university and to learn from it. So far the site has videos and teachings in English and Bahasa. The university is anticipating on also having the following languages on the website as well, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese, and Czech. This is huge because it is not usual for university to have teachings in this much diversity. Learn more:


It is important to know that Talk Fusion University is not and will not be opened to the public. In order to access the website you will need log in information. If you are interested in joining the university, you should go onto their website for more information!